Simon Bailey
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mackbaz11 schreiben an Tue 23 Jul 13
Hi Simon, my name is Mack. I've seen your videos for Mixmeister control mapping with Virtual DJ countless number of times. I've been trying to get mine to work. I can get a few buttons to work, but can't get the knobs and L.E.Ds to work at all. Please help me.

Thank you in advance.
djmarciomr schreiben an Wed 28 Nov 12
você pode me ajudar a usar o meu traktor S4 com VDJ? Eu encontrei o arquivo de mapeamento de TECHNZ para este controlador, mas eu não sei como usá-lo, porque VDJ não é reconhecer a S4. I apenas têm a capacidade de utilizar como placa de som, com os quatro em linhas, porque os códigos de tempo estão a jogar muito bem. Mas, na verdade, parece impossível usar as funções do mixer deste controlador excelente
djmarciomr schreiben an Wed 28 Nov 12
Eu comprei o virtual dj instalei o mapeado mas não está funcionando voce tem algum video de instalação
dragbikegsxr schreiben an Tue 23 Oct 12
Hi Simon, I'm in the same boat as the rest of these folks.. my Sysexid not recognized
trancer_ksa schreiben an Thu 02 Aug 12
hello Simon ,,, Please I Need the instructions to make your map work the sysxid is F0 7E 7F 06 01 F7 what can i do next .... BTW thank you for a great map saw it in youtube great job sir .
simwel79 schreiben an Wed 01 Aug 12
Hi simon, I need the instructions for the Mixmeister Sysexid setup as well - thanks!
djrkade schreiben an Mon 16 Jul 12
Hi simon, I need the instructions for the Mixmeister Sysexid setup as well - thanks!
Puchy256 schreiben an Sun 08 Jul 12
Hello Simon, I need the instructions for the Mixmeister Sysexid setup. Thank you
stegen59400 schreiben an Mon 09 Apr 12
can you help me to use my traktor S4 with VDJ ? I found the mapping file from TECHNZ for this controller, but I don't know how to use it, because VDJ isn't recognize the S4. I only have the ability to use it as soundcard, with the four in-lines, because the timecodes are playing very well. But actually, it seem impossible to use the mixer functions of this excellent controller.
Thank you for your help, and sorry for my poor English (I'm french guy)
deejaysj schreiben an Sat 28 Jan 12
sorry for my english
deejaysj schreiben an Sat 28 Jan 12
i have mixmeister controler and virtual dj 7 and is not recognized
deejaysj schreiben an Sat 28 Jan 12
Hi there,

I need some help too.

I had Mixmeister controler and i need to setup my controler to the vdj7 pls help me with the SYSEXID's
Mighty143 schreiben an Wed 04 Jan 12
Hi Simion, I am have searched and serched and came up with no resolution. I am hoping you can shed some light on my situation. I have a DDM4000 2cdj400ndk and echo audio fire4 all running vdj on a mac. My problem is I have the mapping set up but every time I use the crossfader to the right or too the left the track playing stops and starts over making it impossible. Do you have any ideas of any way to go around this?
mackbaz11 schreiben an Tue 08 Nov 11
Hello Simon, I've had my mixmeister controller for a while now, and was excited to know that you've mapped it out for vdj. I've just downloaded the mapper but it's not working. Would you be able to help me please?
avcradio schreiben an Thu 08 Sep 11
HOw U Doing, i see your post about the driver for the Mixmeister can u give me a hand with that mine dont connect ?, :)