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 Skin BeatTunnel

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Skin SDK: The <beattunnel> element

Create a Beat-Move Tunnel visualization, without any skin graphics.

  • color="" : Define the color of the Beat-Tunnel rings. Can take HTML, RGB, ARGB or pre-defined colors (green, red, blue etc). See Color Definitions
  • depth="" : Define how far in the future is the center ring (integer in milli-seconds). E.g.depth="4000" is 4 seconds which is around 8 beats (at 120 bpm)

  • <pos x="" y=""/> : Define the position (X, Y coordinates in pixels) for the element to be displayed inside the skin. Read further Skin Element Position
  • <size width="" height=""/> : Define the width and height of the element. For round beat-tunnel, makes sense to have the same width and height, but you could also create ovals if differ.


<beattunnel depth="4000" color="#00AAFF">
<pos x="30" y="200"/>
<size width="250" height="250"/>

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