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Skin SDK: The <customicons> element

You can define your own icons to be used in VirtualDJ by adding a <customicons> element in your skin. The graphics for the custom icons can be in a separate filename.png file inside the skin zip, or inside the skin.png (if optional property file="" is not used)

Syntax: <customicons file="" x="" y="" iconsize="" nb="" nbx=""/>

  • file="" : (Optional) Provide the image filename (included in your skin zip) with your Custom Icons. If no file="" attribute is provided, the Custom Icons will be looked at the skin image file.
  • x="" y="" : Give the X, Y coordinates in the image file where the custom icons grid starts.
  • iconsize="" : Define the resolution of your Icons by giving the size (width & height) of each cell/grid/icon in pixels (default is 64).
  • nb="" : The number of total icons in your grid.
  • nbx="" : The number of columns in the grid (how many icons are in each line). The number of rows of the grid will be auto-calculated by nb/nbx.

<customicons file="mycustomicons.png" x="0" y="0" iconsize="64" nb="144" nbx="16"/>

Note: If you want to change/edit just a few of the default Icons, point to a part of your image with your Grid in transparent background and provide only those Icons in the Grid. If no Icon is provided in that Grid, the default Icon will be used.

Using Icons in your skin:
Except from the VirtualDJ Browser, some of the Default or Custom Icons can be called by their name (sysicon property) , be colored and resized to any size needed inside your skin.

Example :
<button action="loop_half" >
<icon sysicon="arrowleft" width="32" height="32" />

See further details about Icons and sysicon names in Default Icons

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