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 Skin Equalizer

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Skin SDK: The <equalizer> element

This element displays an equalizer visual

Syntax: <equalizer nb="" type="" color="" width="" offset="" slow="" bass="" mirror="" visibility="" os="" panel="" deck="">

Inherited Attributes :
visibility="" os="" panel="" deck=""
See Global Element Attributes

Attributes :

  • nb="" : Define the amount of the Equalizer lines/bars (the amount of the Bands that the Equalizer will be split into)
  • type="horizontal|circle" : Define the type of the Equalizer (Round or Linear-Horizontal layout)
  • color="" : Specify the color of the equalizer graphics. See Color Definitions
  • width="" : (value from 0.0 to 1.0) Define the width of each Equalizer bar in percentage of the available width. E.g width="0.8" will create bars with 80% of the available width - as calculated from the nb value, pos and size) , leaving 20% of empty space between each bar. When width="0" the equalizer bars will always use 1px width.
  • offset="" : (value from 0.0 to 1.0 - optional - default value is 0.7). For type="circle" use this property to define the end of the equalizer graphics. E.g. for an equalizer with width="300" height="300" and offset="0.7", the ring of the equalizer graphics will have a maximum width of 300*0.7=210 pixels
  • slow="true|false" : Set to true (default is false) for a smoother equalizer visual.
  • bass="top|bottom|left|outside|middle" : Define the position inside the equalizer where the Bass (Low) Equalizer frequencies will be drawn. For type="circle", you can set bass="top" or bass="bottom" (bottom is default). For type="horizontal", you can set bass="left" (default) or "outside" or "middle".
  • mirror="false|true" : When set to true, the equalizer graphics will be drawn mirrored, starting from the center/middle of the defined area. Default is false.
  • canstretch="false|true" : When set to true, the Equalizer graphics will keep its aspect ratio if the parent panel is resized


  • <pos x="" y=""/> : Define the position (X, Y coordinates) of the equalizer graphics inside the skin. Read further details in Skin Element Position
  • <size width="" height=""/> : Define the width and height of the equalizer graphics

Example 1 (Linear EQ) :

<equalizer type="horizontal" nb="96" color="#8a8a89" deck="master" width="0.4" slow="true" bass="middle" mirror="false" canstretch="true">
<pos x="25" y="656"/>
<size width="1100" height="60" />

Example 2 (Round EQ) :

<equalizer nb="64" type="circle" color="#FF0000">
<pos x="10" y="10"/>
<size width="362" height="362" />

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