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 Skin Font

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Skin SDK: The <font> element

This element defines the font to be used for the skin, or an element when used as a child to a supported element.

Attributes :

  • size : the size of the font
  • name | font : the face name of the font
  • weight="bold" : use the bold font weight

Children: None


<font name="Arial" size="20" weight="bold"/>

Other Uses:

The same syntax is also used by variants of the <font> element:

Other variations of <font> are used by the skin engine. <fontsearch> is used by the search box of the browser and <edit> controls. There are also these that are used by the browser - <fontheader>, <fontgridtitle>, <fonttoolbar> and <fontplugins>. All have the same syntax as <font> with the exception that font is used as Attribute instead of name


<fontgridtitle font="Arial" size="18" weight="bold"/>

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