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Video Card List
List of Video Cards reported by Users.

How To: Recording Video's using VDJ's Internal Recorder

Posting Youtube videos in VDJ forums

Changing font, font colour and adding logo to browser

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Setting up Dual Monitors for Video or Karaoke Use in Virtual DJ

Setting up Dual Monitors in Windows Vista:

1. Connect your laptop to your external monitor
2. Right Click on your desktop and select Personalize
3. Open the Display settings window (at the bottom)

Next arrange the two monitors to the setup you have. Monitor 1 would be your laptop’s display and Monitor 2 is your additional display. So, for example, if your laptop is on the left and the monitor is on the right, drag the two boxes around so that Monitor 1 is on the left and Monitor 2 is on the right.

Extending The Display:

1. Select Monitor 2 in the visual or from the drop-down menu
2. Check the box besides “Extend the desktop onto this monitor”
3. Just hit Apply. The screen should flash and you are done!

You should now be able to drag a window, this web page for example, from one screen onto another. If you would like to move your Start Menu onto the other display, just drag it onto the other screen. (Right-click and unlock the Taskbar first!) Also note that sometimes Vista messes up the resolutions, so if one of the windows looks horribly wrong go back to the Display Settings and manually drag the bar to the correct resolutions for each monitor. If your machine is using either the NVIDIA or ATI control panel, I suggest using that to configure your setup instead of using the default Vista Display Settings.

Windows XP

Setting up Dual Monitors in Windows XP:

VGA Connected Cables

Hooking It All Up:

Turn off your desktop and plug in the second monitor into an available head slot. Once plugged in, start-up your machine and continue to proceed with the following steps. Note: The following procedure will work for most persons; however slight modifications to the procedure may be necessary for certain individuals.

1. Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Display
2. Select the ‘Settings’ Tab in the Display Properties Window
3. Select the Secondary Display from the drop-down menu
4. Once chosen, check ‘Extend My Windows Onto This Monitor’

After applying the settings your second monitor should now rather be an extra screen instead of a duplicate image of the contents on you main display. You should now be able to drag any window from your main screen right off the edge onto the second display. I also recommend dragging around the two monitor icons found in the Display Settings to match the actual physical positioning of your two monitors.

Multiple Monitors will also work for laptop users. Just plug in a monitor into your laptop’s video output. Place your laptop beside the secondary monitor. Then to set up just follow the same steps 1-4 given above.


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Ripping CDG's to your Hard Drive for use in Virtual DJ

Karaoke & Virtual DJ (General Information)

Tutorials on Ripping CDGs

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Problems finding database on reinstall or update

As long as you have kept a copy of your XML file you shouldn't have any problem reinstating the information. Try this if you get stuck, has helped others.

Video Recording Tip for Best Picture recording resolutionBy DJ Johnny Cinco

If you want to record video mixes in High Definition or High Quality you will need a video card with two outputs and will need to set the video to the secondary display. Alternatively you can increase the video window for better picture. I also recommend using a video card with 1GB or more RAM