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Topic: Text To Speech Program
Hi Can you guys recommend me a Text-to-Speech program that can allows me to save it a a .wav i want to use it as samplers to drop of my mix on the fly. i googled and a bunch showede up but still don't know which is the best one. can you give me a one that have intonation.. not like those flatline robots.. hope anyone can help..

geposted Fri 13 Nov 09 @ 2:52 am
on FL Studio u can make vocals but they sound very robotic or someone who is high on helium but i dout i will pay £100 for just for that xD

geposted Mon 28 May 12 @ 1:35 am

geposted Fri 26 Feb 16 @ 6:24 pm
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geposted Fri 20 Jan 17 @ 6:34 am
Look for Screeming Bee ,its fantastic to speak your own Samples with Effects or Convert it from a Text to Speak Program.

Use the Testversion before to buy the Full Version of it.


geposted Sun 14 May 17 @ 5:18 am

geposted Thu 25 May 17 @ 7:11 pm
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