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Hi.....Is there a option in VDJ8 to have the ''next person up'' to scroll on the screens when in karaoke mode? I'm sure there used to be this facility in a previous version.
I have the option to add singers names into my karaoke wait list......but would look great if, at the end of the previous song, the next person ups name would appear.

geposted Tue 17 Nov 15 @ 9:05 am
I've seen many, many requests for this feature.

I don't want my reply to just be a "bump," I want to add in how useful this feature is.

I run karaoke gigs, and when I'm not working, I go to other karaoke gigs. I go to karaoke 6 days a week, every week. I sing a lot. I may need a support group.

The point of me saying that, however, is to point out that I experience a lot of different KJs (Karaoke Jockeys) and have seen a ton of different setups (hardware, software, etc.). I've sung with at least 15 different KJs in the last 3 months and have seen at least 6 brands of software used to run gigs.

I originally used Virtual DJ because it was compatible with my DJ deck, and because it's used by about 40% of the KJs.

Some KJs literally use Media Player or Preview or some random downloaded player from the Internet. Their gigs are slow and clumsy.

Those who use Virtual DJ either use the features correctly and run a very smooth gig, or don't, and it's slow and clumsy.

The same goes for KJs who use other KJ specialty software - if they know the software and use the features correctly, they can run a great gig. And some of that software has a display of scrolling text showing the upcoming singers. That's especially nice, because people in a singer rotation WANT to know when they're going to be singing next. If it's not on the screen, they will come and ask. Often because they want to go out and smoke, go out and talk to someone, go use the restroom, run to grab food from somewhere, or whatever, and they don't want to be gone when their name is called.

When software shows the names of the next 3 singers, they can feel confident that they can do whatever they need to do and not get called while they are absent. When software does NOT show the names of the next singers, they come and ask the KJ. "Am I up soon?" This turns in to 1/4 to 1/3 of our night, showing people the list so they can see when they are up next.

There's essentially three levels of Next Singer implementation I've seen in KJ software.
1) The KJ types some text that scrolls on the screen. They can type in the names of singers, or a web site address, or an add, or "Last Call at 1:35" or whatever.
2) The KJ makes a list of singers and manually advances through the list as the songs are sung. It doesn't automatically advance because it doesn't know if you're playing a DJ or KJ song.
3) The KJ makes a roster of singers, adds songs to the singers, and can play that song directly from the singer's listing in the roster. As that song finishes, the display on the screen advances automatically, but the song does not advance automatically.

There's more details to #3, and I believe it's the best one to use, because it gives the KJ the most control, AND gives the singers the most info and transparency in the process.

The best implementation of #3 that I've seen is on software that a KJ friend uses, I can't recall the name right now because it's PC only and I'm on a Mac. She adds a singer, and that singer stays in the software forever.
- She can look up that singer's name and add them to the roster automatically (starts typing, it drills down in the list until she can select that singer).
- She can click on the singer's name and see all of the songs they've sung, and when they sung them; this is awesome for when someone says, "Just put me up for something I've sung before," I could instantly pull up a list of everything they've ever sung with me. Or they could say, "I want to sing something new, have I done this song before?" and I could definitively tell them yes/no.
- She can select a song from her catalog and drag it to the singer's name, and the song is automatically added to that singer's upcoming songs list. Someone can put in any number of sings (some people like to tell us their next 3 songs, even though they very well COULD just tell them to us one at a time) and when she calls them, she can ask, "Which of these songs would you like to sing?"
- She can add text to the text display at the bottom of the screen. Hers says something like, "Go to to see my song list. Next singer: Sean"
- She can change the roster any time by dragging a name up or down the list. This is useful when, despite the text being on the screen, someone is outside smoking. Or they suddenly lack the courage to sing, "Put me up after a couple more singers."

Ideally, I'd have options to set it up to display the next 1 singer, the next 2 singers, or the next 3 singers. The text continually scrolls at the bottom of the screen so that the entire audience can see it and know if they are one of the next 3 singers.

To really put the icing on this feature, allow the KJ an option to make the singer roster available to audience members through their phones. Either by updating a web page that they can refresh and see again, or through an app feature. Sometimes I have a LOT of singers - two weeks ago I had 34 individual singers, and believe me, they ALL wanted to know how long until they sing next. With 30+ singers, it's between 90 minutes and 2 hours until a singer can sing next. They're drinking a bunch of beer in the meantime, and some will come and ask me 6 times when they are up next. I would love to be able to tell them, "Go to this web page on your phone and you can see exactly where we are." Then they can refresh it after every song and know how long until they're up.

I've seen a lot of requests for this feature. I am not sure that the developers have been made aware of HOW USEFUL this feature will be to KJs. Right now, KJs probably make up a relatively small percentage of the userbase of Virtual DJ, but adding in features to help KJs will change that. It's a market worth expanding in to.

geposted Sun 22 Nov 15 @ 12:31 am
BillbwePRO InfinityMember since 2011
I agree with this request, Next Up is a very useful feature for any karaoke dj. Can someone answer this as it must be an easy fix for you guys who have the skills.

geposted Wed 25 Nov 15 @ 6:40 pm
djsherzPRO InfinityMember since 2006
A million times YES! I do a weekly karaoke at a student union bar, we have at least a couple of hundred attending every week. You can imagine how many times a night I get "am I on next?"

Please VDJ dev team, save what little remains of my sanity!

geposted Thu 26 Nov 15 @ 4:35 am
I've been following the forums here for some time. I've pointed out all the features that have been mentioned before. I've also read the responses from people in regards to customer base. The concern (that I gather) from VDJ and Plugin Staff is that it's a waste of time. No one will buy VDJ for "just karaoke" or no one would be willing to spend money on a karoake friendly version of Virtual. Both reasons i don't believe are valid. Compuhost had a booth three doors down from you guys on the Las Vegas DJ Show. They sell their "software" for the same price you sell your full version at...and it has less features......AND is glitchy as hell.

I'm hoping that someone at VDJ will read this and take heed. KJ's were DJ's before they were kj's....if this is not true...then a karaoke program like Karma, Roxbox, or Compuhost are just fine for those people. Adding features to VDJ for Karaoke hosts would make VDJ the most comprehensive DJ/KJ program. Which would encourage KJ's to purchase VDJ based on the fact that it IS SO comprehensive. Karaoke Hosts hope for three primary functions....

1. Singer History Database - Steve B can have a list of twenty songs that he has sang in the past that the DJ can recall for him.

2. Singer Rotation Manager - Something that puts a playlist together with Singers names and an approximate time in which they would be up to sing (see compuhost if you have questions.

3. Singer Rotation Marquee - The singer list in turn pulls the top five or six up next in order and lists it out on a marquee at the bottom of the screen in order. (keeps karaoke junkies off our backs...when am i up...etc) .

So, please hear us VDJ! I would drop another $300 to add these features to VDJ...otherwise I'm stuck going back and forth between VDJ and Compuhost. I already spent the money on both...but the opportunity is there. Whatever you do...don't let Compuhost or some other software company jump up and make a DJ friendly karaoke program. Should you have any questions my number is on file with you guys or email me.

geposted Tue 01 Dec 15 @ 6:02 pm
Atomix promised the Karaoke module in version 8 would be fully featured. It's not and they don't seem bothered in the slightest.

It's obvious they don't read wishes and new features as the things above have been asked for god knows how many times now.

geposted Tue 01 Dec 15 @ 6:11 pm
Could someone who works on the Virtual DJ project please respond to this topic? There's a lot of KJs who would pay for this product if it had these features, and a lot of DJs who could become KJs if it had these features (and they acquired the catalog and the patience to deal with karaoke singers).

I've thought of other features that would help and would love to provide more info on how to make it shine.

geposted Tue 01 Dec 15 @ 9:27 pm
BillbwePRO InfinityMember since 2011
This topic has hit a couple of points I have raised before in here, 1) Next Up, in karaoke mode (the demand is there. 2) Box for letting us know that this has been read AND has been addressed.
Like many in here I have DJ'd for many years but the karaoke aspect of this software could and should be made more user friendly, can't be that hard for the tech. guys to do or perhaps someone make a new skin ?.

geposted Thu 03 Dec 15 @ 10:12 am
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
It was hoped when Adion came on board with his previous history at another company which had an impressive karaoke plugin we all anticipated that we would get something along those lines, unfortunately his talents for the time being have been utilised elsewhere. :(

geposted Thu 03 Dec 15 @ 10:34 am
Guys please, can we get some action on this? It's a new market of people who will pay for VDJ.

I know approximately 18 KJs, and maybe 13 of them use VDJ, and perhaps 1 of them pays for it. Why? Because they all use VDJ7 and don't pay for the current version which isn't pirated. Put in some features that KJs will actually use, and they will pay for it. These guys work 1-6 nights a week for $150-$250 per night, they can afford to pay for a licensed version, but they don't, because the licensed versions don't give them features they need.

geposted Thu 03 Dec 15 @ 10:57 am
I would love to see these upgrades added to VDJ. I haven't done karaoke much over the past few years, as I have been focused on DJ-ing. However, in 2016, I'm interested in starting it up. If I do, I would pay for the karaoke ContentUnlimited subscription, as I really don't want to drag around my box full of CD+G binders again like "back in the day".

Karma appeared to be the best, most user-friendly of all the systems for professional "working" KJ hosts I researched, and has many of the upgrades mentioned earlier in this thread. If VDJ will add the items mentioned in this thread, you would gain a monthly subscriber from me (and probably many others), as well as getting some of the business from people using PCDJ, Karma, COmpuhost, etc.

geposted Thu 03 Dec 15 @ 8:01 pm
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
Sean Arenas wrote :
Put in some features that KJs will actually use, and they will pay for it. These guys work 1-6 nights a week for $150-$250 per night, they can afford to pay for a licensed version, but they don't, because the licensed versions don't give them features they need.

Maybe you should tell them that if they buy version 8, they will get version 7 too.

geposted Fri 04 Dec 15 @ 2:53 pm
The issue is that many people are running cracked versions of 7 so why pay for 8 if it doesn't offer anything better. I know loads of people still running cracked 7 as they see version 8 as expensive, complicated and not offering anything more than they have for free. If all the promises surrounding V8 had been fulfilled it might have been a different story.

As far as Karaoke is concerned V8 is too basic. The other thing I get feedback on is the V8 settings menu. People comment that it must be easier to send a rocket to the moon than figure all the options out.

geposted Fri 04 Dec 15 @ 3:06 pm
BillbwePRO InfinityMember since 2011
How about making lots of people happy and " buy" more versions of VDJ, just make the new skin / mods. available in Pro version if it's a concern. There is a vast demand for this request !!.
Ohh and why does someone not just answer ??, it's the great unknown that is more annoying than someone just saying " sorry we will not be doing that " or (even better), " yeah !! a great idea we will look at it". grrrrrr

geposted Sat 05 Dec 15 @ 9:03 am
SBDJPRO Infinity Member since 2006
We often don't say if we're going to implement something, we usually just do it ;)

geposted Sun 06 Dec 15 @ 9:31 pm
SBDJ wrote :
We often don't say if we're going to implement something, we usually just do it ;)

Is that a hint that this is coming? :)

geposted Sun 06 Dec 15 @ 9:39 pm
BillbwePRO InfinityMember since 2011
Please Please, not often I beg either !!! lol

geposted Mon 07 Dec 15 @ 11:53 am
I would LOVE to see ANY new features added for Karaoke. It seems like when 8.0 came out, it was thrown in just to keep the KJ's happy, but what is there is very, very basic.

PCDJ's Karaoki and even DEX 3 (for karaoke) sucks, OTSAV hasn't been updated in quite some time and CompUHost is very antiquated and the rest of the options out there aren't really made for professional KJ'ing.

I am sure if Atomix took a little more effort and did some work to the karaoke side of VDJ that they could corner the market on it.


geposted Thu 10 Dec 15 @ 7:26 pm
FYI, I started the digital age with PCDJ but hated the activation process that left me stranded more than once. Thank god for WMP. I moved to VDJ.

OK, I have used VDJ 7 for Karaoke and it has nice features however it was so touchy and would often crash. I bought VDJ 8 because I wanted some stability and versatility with playing different formats. With VDJ 8, I can run Karaoke, jump into a music video and play music from a side list to avoid silence and never experience a hiccup. But I can't display the next singer on the big screen. I can easily get some of my KJ friends to pop for the $300 software if it just displayed the upcoming singers list. I am sticking to the VDJ 8 because it works well and it's paid for.

Hey? How hard would it be to copy some code from 7 and past it into 8 with some editing? Even if you just dedicate someone to write new code, how hard can it be? Shouldn't take more than two days max.

I would love to rip on PCDJ but it is getting harder these days.

geposted Wed 16 Dec 15 @ 4:05 am
djsherzPRO InfinityMember since 2006

geposted Wed 16 Dec 15 @ 11:06 am
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