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We can use this forum to discuss TellyVisuals and TellyMedia. I put up 2 versions of each: Plus and non Plus versions.

The plus versions have extended features and generally get more attention. When you make a donation of $25 US or more, you get the plus versions. You get put on a mailing list that I use for announcements etc.I have been in the computer business for over 35 years. I am a developer. I am not a sales person or business man. I used to work for companies but went it alone about 15 years ago. My support is the best I can make it and better than most companies provide. You ask me a question or have a problem and I will give you an answer without BS.

I host the plus versions and non plus versions on my website here. The non plus versions are also hosted in VDJ addions section. Both TV and TM are for VDJ7 and VDJ8.


geposted Thu 15 Sep 16 @ 3:53 am
TellyVisuals is use for layout of various components. It does this using panels. A panel is just a rectangular area that has attributes and content. The panels are used to design your layout and can be moved and resized. You can have as many panels as you like and all can be saved as a layout. Panel types include Marquee, Chat, Voting, Text, and Basic.

All panels have basic attributes, like borders and color with shading, background images, and font information where that applies. All panels can use regular images or the VDJ video background. These images can have other attributes as well.

o - Marquee panels are used for scrolling text.

o - Chat panels are used as the display for incoming text and images from various sources.

o - Text panels are used for non moving static text and has great text fitting and wrap features.

o - Voting panels are used to display voting based on incoming votes.

o - Basic panels have no additional content outside of the basic attributes that every panel has.

TellyVisuals Plus can be used for text and image messaging from IMU, iWall, Pushbullet and Twilio. It has over 800 colorful emoticons and support the emoji set.

geposted Thu 15 Sep 16 @ 4:18 am
TellyMedia is used for video display, cameras, and slideshows. I don't believe in creating separate plugins that do one thing only. There is just no interest for me in doing that and no real way to combine everything into one cohesive display. I have a longer term objective and that is to combine TellyVisuals and TellyMedia and more into a single app / plugin. This combines layout and all the media abilities of TM together.

I call this New TellyVisuals or NTV for short. I have a long way to go with it still but damn it is cool and powerful with what I have so far.

I have always worked on large complex apps so no problem there but it is just me doing it now. Takes longer but a good challenge.

geposted Thu 15 Sep 16 @ 4:27 am
IMU supports pictures now??

Ill have to test that out again tonight.

geposted Thu 15 Sep 16 @ 9:03 pm
Sorry for the confusion about that. I believe it is safe to say IMU will never support MMS images. It just supports SMS text. iWall, PushBullet and Twilio support images as well as text. MMS images may be US only.

I am open to adding other services. We have been beating that around a little bit in the facebook group. Twitter, Instagram, and the like are now fairly easy for me to support since somewhere along the line they all started using the REST API which I have incorporated into TV. The main thing though is to create a descent UI for management of it all.

I also offered a browser based solution but did not get a lot of feed back on that. I did test it and it can work with or without the internet using a local wifi. The browser based solution is pretty cool offering text and images but the problem is that nothing suits everyone's taste for one reason or another. I can imagine though you only want to point your guest to one place or one phone number to make it easy on them.

geposted Fri 16 Sep 16 @ 1:34 am
Twitter and Instagram with hashtag support would be amazing!!

Ill test that out with my PC anytime.

geposted Fri 16 Sep 16 @ 1:40 am
freppaPRO InfinityMember since 2002
Don Moir wrote :
iWall, PushBullet and Twilio support images as well as text. MMS images may be US only.

I can confirm that Pushbullet doesnt support images here in Swe (Europe).


geposted Fri 16 Sep 16 @ 1:45 pm
freppaPRO InfinityMember since 2002
Twitter and Instagram with hashtag support would be amazing!!

+ 1

geposted Fri 16 Sep 16 @ 2:16 pm
Using iWall as an example. When you enter a hashtag there, it is like a global hashtag receiving post from anywhere. I assume when you all enter a hashtag, it is a hashtag targeted for the current event you are performing at. Do you also want to target your current twitter timeline regardless of a hashtag?

Please comment on how you might make best use of this. I have twitter mostly working in a test app but needs more work yet. Instagram should follow. Going thru the decision making on what might be best at present.

A proper user interface for it all does not exist so that is a big thing to do but can add support for various services without that. I should make an effort to make that better than what it is though. When Essential Visuals was designed it was designed to get it's text messaging information from the external app IMU. When TellyVisuals came into play, it kept that same design but improved on it. TV supports iWall for example as well as IMU. I publish the specs for communicating with TV from an external application. It can use TCP or WebSocket. No one has taken that up yet though so it falls to me. It can be easier to take an existing application and adapt TV to it's way of communicating. In addition I have added PushBullet and Twilio support to TV+. These are built into TV+ with no external app needed but then it suffers by not having a proper interface. You can manually check the incoming text but a bit weak. I can add Twitter and Instagram in the same way I have added PushBullet and Twilio as built ins. Some day we have a proper interface for it all.

geposted Sun 18 Sep 16 @ 2:37 pm
Don Moir wrote :
Using iWall as an example. When you enter a hashtag there, it is like a global hashtag receiving post from anywhere. I assume when you all enter a hashtag, it is a hashtag targeted for the current event you are performing at. Do you also want to target your current twitter timeline regardless of a hashtag?

Yes I use it for the events or bar/club I'm playing at.

Most of the time if its a Sweet 16 or something along those lines ill create a hashtag, for example.

Jade has a Sweet 16 coming up so I told her mom to have all the guest use #JadeSS.

So I can pretty much guarantee that its only use who are showing up on the screen.

As for my own timeline, NO, lmfao!! I follow some weridos and I don't need them popping up on screen, lmmfao!! I suppose if I could filter what gets sent to the screen it wouldn't be a big deal.

As for an interface I think really the only thing needed is a spot to be able to switch hash tags other then that TV/TM are truly works of art and I Thank you for them.

geposted Sun 18 Sep 16 @ 9:46 pm
Thanks. I did not mean your own personal twitter timeline but thought maybe some of you had twitter timelines for specific events. I am not sure how much control over who post where with that though. Maybe at some point, the post you receive thru hashtags or however, could be be posted back to some timeline. Not sure if this is desirable or not.

geposted Sun 18 Sep 16 @ 9:57 pm
No I just use a specific hashtag per event/party/bar/club.

geposted Sun 18 Sep 16 @ 10:08 pm
I should have something fairly soon so you can test twitter. Instagram should fall into place after that.

Huey if you have updated to TV 2.45+ you will see there is now a connections tab. I will add whatever is needed there for hashtags or user identification which we may not need if just interested in hashtags.

It may be that I will get side tracked because I have some other work pending but so far so good.

The interface that will be needed eventually is better moderation ability with a fancy UI. That can come later and may wait on it for NTV.

geposted Mon 19 Sep 16 @ 1:18 am
TM has been updated to TM 1.88 and TM 1.88 Plus. Fixes a problem when in videoForceFullscreen=1 mode and a couple other things.

TV has been updated to TV 2.45 and TV 2.45 Plus.

o - some fixes
o - adds an FPS counter so you can check your system.If your video display is keeping up FPS wise with what you have set the videoFPS to. It may be an indication something is not right with your computer / GPU setup if it is not keeping up. For me I have a fast computer but slow GPU so the FPS indicator is telling.
o - adds support for Twilio, which was suggested by Chris Duvall (TV+ only)
o - adds the ability to flip images horizontally or vertically which was suggested by Julo Matúš.

Here is screen shot showing a simple 4 panel display in TV with each panel flipped depending on it's position. They are all showing the VDJ video. Each panel is given a flat black border for separation. There is also a black gradient border around the whole thing. The image also shows the FPS counter. Normally you would not show this when performing and just for tuning your system.

The updates on the VDJ forums are waiting for approval for VDJ8. You can get them on the tellyvisuals website or in the VDJ7 addon section now. TV and TM are both for VDJ 7 and 8 and they are the same program so does not matter where you get them.

geposted Mon 19 Sep 16 @ 1:38 am
freppaPRO InfinityMember since 2002
What is this about on your site:
Pushbullet support has been added to the release version of TellyVisuals Plus and I still consider PB integration as a work in progress. Initially PB will be disabled but if you wish to use Pushbullet with TellyVisuals please send me an email.

I use PB and would like to update, does it still work ?

geposted Mon 19 Sep 16 @ 3:43 pm
I modified that text on the website just now. PB still works and you don't need to notify me to get it to work anymore. There is now a connections tab that allows you to enter the appropriate user tokens for PushBullet and Twilio. If you have already entered them the manual way that will be automatically read. You can use either one or both or neither of them.

If you have not entered any codes for them yet, then yes both are disabled until you enter the tokens provided by PushBullet or Twilio. You have done so already so you are good to go and update to new version.

geposted Mon 19 Sep 16 @ 4:28 pm
Don got your email this morning, Thanks!!

geposted Mon 19 Sep 16 @ 4:30 pm

geposted Mon 19 Sep 16 @ 4:47 pm
freppaPRO InfinityMember since 2002
You are the man Don,
Thanks !

geposted Wed 21 Sep 16 @ 6:45 pm
I have Twitter hashtag support about half done. Also added better parsing for XML and JSON. It will be awhile before I release built in twitter and instagram support yet as I have other work I need to do.

I did a twitter search for 'dog'. I strip out the useless http links. Twitter mask the links so they don't mean anything to anyone in this context.


geposted Wed 21 Sep 16 @ 9:29 pm