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Topic: Denon MCX8000 should I give it a try? - Page: 1
Hi folks, I have been looking on this unit, Denon MXC8000 for a while and despite it's a little "too big" it seems to be a perfect unit for me.
It would be nice to have the ability to play files without the use of a PC as a backup system or similair.
I have some questions about its implementation together with VDJ.
I know that the screens are able to work with VDJ nowadays, but would it be possible to let the screens be assigned to Engine software and continue using the PC / screen with VDJ ?
I think I won't be able to use the screens only for a several hours long gig.

Happy easter everyone!

geposted Thu 13 Apr 17 @ 12:29 pm
I don't have my unit at my location at the moment but there is a switch on 2 decks that allow you to run engine while virtual DJ is running so that you can access your USB thumbrives through the engine while the other deck is using virtual DJ. Does that answer your question?

geposted Thu 13 Apr 17 @ 7:57 pm
Thanks for your reply.
I don't know if this answer my question, LOL
What I mean is: The screens on the MCX8000 are fully controlled and duplicated from VDJ, right ?
But you say there is a switch, which makes the screens work for internal use (Engine) USB drive ?

Another question, is it possible to connect a rear USB port to a external harddrive or USB drive also ?

I've read many people have problems with this unit, lagging screens, freezes and much else. Has the situation got any better in recent firmware updates of the unit ?

geposted Thu 13 Apr 17 @ 8:22 pm
Might be worth a look at the Denon DJ forums. there seems to be a few unresolved issues with these units.

EDIT: Just saw your reply so at least you are aware of this!

geposted Thu 13 Apr 17 @ 8:23 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
it's a little "too big"

I've even gone back to my F1...I like fewer big pads nowadays.
If you can carry the thing then big is good.

This is the kind of point Beatbreaker made awhile back.

so that you can access your USB thumbrives through the engine while the other deck is using virtual DJ.

the xdj r1 does the above and plays Cd's as well.

geposted Thu 13 Apr 17 @ 10:13 pm
Going into the denon dj forums, there are A LOT of users experiencing pretty much the same issues, screen freeze, unresponsive buttons, distortion.
Typically things that people would like to stay away from.
It appears most of them use Serato, but still, it seems like this unit was pushed out a little too fast without doing a full validation of this piece of nicelooking hardware.

geposted Fri 14 Apr 17 @ 5:46 am

geposted Fri 14 Apr 17 @ 8:10 am
Is there any application out there to read cue points and loops from VDJ database and transform those into files useable for Engine, for stand alone use.

How are you guys working with the MCX8k, are you using mostly together with VDJ and occasionally with stand alone Engine mode? Or did you try to import as much of your song library into Engine?

geposted Sat 15 Apr 17 @ 5:34 pm
It's really interesting to read many many posts of people having issues with the MCX8000 together with Serato, the software the unit should be built / run most smoothly together. According some source on Denon DJ forums it seems the unit works well under VDJ. And that is after Atomix reverse engineering the hardware and MIDI commands.
Well done Atomix!

geposted Sun 16 Apr 17 @ 7:32 pm
MrJackson2014 wrote :
Is there any application out there to read cue points and loops from VDJ database and transform those into files useable for Engine, for stand alone use.

Yeah, that would be awesome. Engine is #=+*!!... Maybe the new version will be better.

geposted Mon 17 Apr 17 @ 2:06 pm
Please explain more about your response about Engine.
What makes it so bad ? My plan is to use the MCX8000 together with VDJ but be able to use Engine for backup purposes and so on.
Have you had any problems with your MCX , glitches, freezes, unresponsive buttons, distortion as reported much in SDJ forums?

geposted Mon 17 Apr 17 @ 7:09 pm
Engine is very slow, shut down sometimes, flickering display etc. to say it in a polite way: it has (too) much potential and a lot of things to fix Imo.
On the other side:
The Denon and it's mapping in VDJ 8.2 ist fantastical, Never had any glitches. You can use it out-of-the-box.

Just my 2Cent ;o)

geposted Mon 17 Apr 17 @ 8:00 pm

geposted Mon 17 Apr 17 @ 8:03 pm
I will place an order for the MCX8000 and hopefully it will be my next buddy for many years :)

geposted Wed 19 Apr 17 @ 7:19 am
It's really not a good idea to post a question like "DENON MCX8000 SHOULD I GIVE IT A TRY?" on a forum like this

Sure, someone might suggest another unit you should also "give a try" (= buy)
But I think most of us here are gear-nerds with gear acquisition syndrome (GAS), so nobody is going to say: "No, you should not try out fancy new gear"

So if you were hoping for an answer like "you should save your money, and not spend it on DJ gear", then you have come to the wrong place :)

geposted Wed 19 Apr 17 @ 10:28 am
Yeah, I agree. LOL

I may have done a incorrect formulation... Maybe the question should be more like: Is the MCX8000 stable enough to be worth buying ? :)

geposted Wed 19 Apr 17 @ 11:02 am
I was thinking about getting one as a tax write off (it's too big to use in any of my residencies) but having done some in-depth reading it seems the unit isn't developed enough.

The midi control with VDJ seems to work very well (but of course we knew it would) however there still seems to have issues with both the supplied software and standalone mode.

The fact that Denon haven't had a major firmware release for the unit leads me to believe that many units are defective or they just don't know how to fix the problems.

Reading in to it the main issues seem to be with Mac computers. No surprise there :)

Personally it's just not worth the gamble, however nice it looks.

geposted Wed 19 Apr 17 @ 11:08 am
I have a hard time to harvest all the different reviews and problems reported with this controller.

Many people report problems are only related to working the unit together with SDJ and run fine in standalone mode.
Some people also report problems in standalone mode.
There has been a lot of reports from early firmware with glitches and distortion, but seems to be corrected in recent firmware(s).
I was also balancing between ditch it or not, but come to the conclusion that it seems to work well with VDJ which is also confirmed in Denon forums.
I am also very concerned about not having a stable setup, which would be disasterous of course, but I will give it a shot and keep my MC6000mk1's as backup systems.

geposted Wed 19 Apr 17 @ 11:34 am
Seems my keyboard went nuts

geposted Wed 19 Apr 17 @ 11:35 am
Denon Keyboard? :)

geposted Wed 19 Apr 17 @ 12:27 pm
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