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Topic: Deezer with Virtual DJ 8 - Page: 1
Hi there guys and girls,

I've just downloaded the software for free and wanted to try and mix a lot of the tracks I have on a playlist on my Deezer account. I can't seem to get deezer on though. Can I use Deezer on virtual DJ 8 ? I have a premium account for Deezer.

geposted Tue 16 May 17 @ 6:23 pm
You also need a Pro licence for Virtual DJ to use the Deezer plugin so it won't work on the home version.

geposted Tue 16 May 17 @ 6:25 pm
Thank you for the reply matey.

geposted Tue 16 May 17 @ 6:30 pm
Use traductor pues es el único espacio que encontré con este tema.
Soy pro infinity de Vdj. Y también tengo cuenta premium Deezer.
Anteriormente tenía una cuenta gratuita, ahora con la premium ingresé con otro correo electrónico.
El problema es que, casa que entró a Deezer desde Vdj me enlaza a la cuenta anterior.
No puedo entrar con mi cuenta Deezer premium.

geposted Thu 13 Jul 17 @ 5:03 pm
Por favor, intente nuestro foro espanol aqui gracias.

geposted Thu 13 Jul 17 @ 7:16 pm
I have used the Deezer plugin in VDJ8 a few times now and I love it !!

When they ask a request I don't have, I connect my laptop wifi with my Smartphone as a hotspot and search in the Deezer folder for the song.
One time I did not get a hit, but the other times I could pre-listen very quickly and play very quickly.

I really like this functionality !!

geposted Wed 06 Sep 17 @ 3:44 pm
Esto no funciona tengo licencia para mi controlador tengo licencia pro. Finity.. tengo DEEZER Premium... y no puedo entrar .. es un desastre.. dejaré de pagar .. estas licencias no tiene.. sentido.. pagar y votar el dinero por esto.. ayuda.. por favor... vracias

geposted Sun 03 Dec 17 @ 1:58 pm
Por favor, intente nuestro foro espanol aqui gracias.

geposted Wed 06 Dec 17 @ 7:49 am
I have a VDJ Pro account and I now have Deezer account. how Can I use Deezer on virtual DJ 8 ?????

geposted Thu 24 May 18 @ 9:51 pm

geposted Fri 25 May 18 @ 12:17 am
Hi guys,

I'm from the UK and I purchase the $20.00 VDJ Pro license for 1 month and I also pay £10.00 for my Deezer account. I have downloaded songs to my phone and in VDJ it shows my playlist...…Excellent!

After I do a test by putting my laptop on to flight mode I cannot play any music from my playlist using Deezer. When I click flight mode off it then has all my playlist for me to select and play using Deezer.

What am I doing wrong or do I need a WIFI connection?


geposted Mon 09 Jul 18 @ 6:27 pm
Yes, Deezer is streaming only so you need an active interweb connection.

You can't download and cache files on this API like you can on mobile devices.

geposted Mon 09 Jul 18 @ 6:36 pm
is virtual dj 8.1 professional supporting deeper premium accounts?

geposted Thu 23 Aug 18 @ 10:12 pm

geposted Thu 23 Aug 18 @ 11:31 pm
djyaceHome userMember since 2013
alguien me puede ayudar con el plugin deezer para el virtual he probado instalando todas las versiones pero no me sale la carpeta de busqueda deezer o se debe activar de alguna otra manera? gracias.

geposted Fri 28 Sep 18 @ 2:53 pm

Solo para usuario Pro de VDJ y Cuenta Premium de dezzer , only for VDJ Pro Users, and Dezzer Premium

Good Luck

geposted Fri 28 Sep 18 @ 3:24 pm
The VDJ manual says that a Pro account is required, but...

djdad wrote :
In order to use Deezer Service, you will just need to login with your VirtualDJ account. No specific VirtualDJ license is required.

I have also seen djdad post the above statement.

geposted Fri 28 Sep 18 @ 3:28 pm

Make Sense in order that Dezzer is for private use only,


geposted Fri 28 Sep 18 @ 4:04 pm
djyaceHome userMember since 2013
me podrian ayudar con el instalador de la version pro, gracias

geposted Fri 05 Oct 18 @ 3:19 am
Hi everyone

I have a VDJ 8 LE license that was included in my party mix controller. Does this license allow me to use Dezeer ? or I have to get a pro license.


geposted Mon 15 Oct 18 @ 10:36 pm
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