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Hi - before I spend a fortune... Do the screens show the video?

geposted Mon 22 Oct 18 @ 10:37 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Yes, they do

geposted Mon 22 Oct 18 @ 12:12 pm
I was nearly tempted - then I realised that you can't use a USB stick on the RZX - I always like having that as a backup...

geposted Mon 22 Oct 18 @ 7:18 pm
DJ D4doControlleristMember since 2018
Guys, please help me, i use virtual dj on my laptop, without a ddj rzx, i have an hercules ccontroller. I installed the skin on virtual dj but when I open it, i can't change my skin interface because there s no buttons for the settings. Please, i need help!!!

geposted Thu 01 Nov 18 @ 1:44 pm
just delete the skin in the skin folder :)


geposted Thu 01 Nov 18 @ 8:44 pm
how to make virtual dj work to my pioneer ddj rzx

geposted Tue 06 Nov 18 @ 12:08 am
chwaqHome userMember since 2017
How do i get rid of this from my virtual dj! I mean to go back to settings

geposted Sun 02 Dec 18 @ 5:10 pm
I had issue after issue with rekordbox and the DDJ-RZX, which I bought when it first came out. I attributed the problems I had to the typical learning curve when buying unfamiliar equipment. I downloaded Virtual DJ and used it with the DDJ-RZX, and every issue I had (freezing screens, computer self-rebooting, (that was embarrassing) display jittering, un-synched lip movements, and many others...completely vanished the very first time I used it. Using Virtual DJ, I missed using the screens on the DDJ-RZX, but after downloading the DDJ-RZX add-on, I've got the screens back. Works perfectly. No more frustrations working with rekordbox...Virtual DJ is awesome and has made my gigs frustration free. Thank-you for this add-on, and a very stable dj program with great options and support!

geposted Fri 11 Jan 19 @ 2:43 am
Good night, friend, I have problems with the skin install_pioneerddjrzxscreens "I'm not sure what else to do, what did you install for the pioneer ddj-rzx?

geposted Fri 18 Jan 19 @ 1:04 am

geposted Fri 18 Jan 19 @ 1:40 am
hola tengo problema con ddj-rzx no sale audio del master ya es windows 10 por q

geposted Thu 28 Mar 19 @ 6:21 am
[quote=djhazproductions]hola tengo problema con ddj-rzx no sale audio del master ya es windows 10 y con windows 8 si trabaja bien a que se deve eso

geposted Thu 28 Mar 19 @ 6:22 am
DJVi65Home userMember since 2018
не показывает списки треков, как натроить на Browser View - Pioneer DDJ-RZX Central Screen

geposted Thu 29 Aug 19 @ 9:54 am
Please post in English, or use the correct forum area for your language.

If you either read this thread or the VDJ Setup Guide, you will find the answer.

geposted Thu 29 Aug 19 @ 10:03 am
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