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Topic: Cant we access Visual plugins at the MASTER panel?
all I see is Audio,yet Milkdrop was avialable in this stage...

geposted Sun 17 Mar 19 @ 3:51 am
I believe that is done on the video pane:

geposted Sun 17 Mar 19 @ 9:05 am
Well thats strange...i think...well i will check that later when i open vdj..tho i would rather if we can make a shortcut or script somewhere to access...thanks "klaus"....

geposted Sun 17 Mar 19 @ 6:21 pm
OKAY,I got it,click "transitions" to switch to single screen,then you access the video for master...nevermind..hehe...

geposted Tue 09 Apr 19 @ 4:56 am
Yeah the menu changing needs to be better so it is more obvious what is going on.

geposted Tue 09 Apr 19 @ 6:13 am