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locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Discussion about ZvideoControl

ZvideoControl is a combination of my 2 previous video pages (autoVXF and autoVFX)
rolled into one page and this has some minor improvements (now uses beat_bar and the rsi runs at 32ms so things are much smoother), and one massive improvement that it doesn't need the builder addon (therefore it's mac friendly)

This padpage is mostly focused on deck master [controls the video crossfader, the video transition, the master video fx] Although it does control [change] shaders on decks too.
Why "ZvideoControl" as a name, well 2 reasons, Z is the last [indicating master, but masterVideoControl or finalVideoControl sounded cheesy] the other reason is starting the page name with "Z" makes it super quick to select for keyboard users [can't forget my keyboard only roots]

pad 1 is auto video crossfade [fastest is full left to full right to full left in one beat] [padshift stops]
pad 2 is auto shader swap [shaders on decks] [fastest is change shaders every 2 beats, I tried faster but don't want to stress lesser machines than mine] [padshift stops]
pad 3 is auto transition change [fastest is every beat] [padshift stops]
pad 4 makes the transition pick at random
pad 5 shuffles the shaders on decks once [padshift 5 turns shaders on or off decks 1 & 2]
pad 6 copies shader b to deck a
pad 7 copies shader a to deck b
pad 8 opens up the second layer [double tap to get back to first layer] [padshift 8 kills video crossfader, shader swap and transition swap all together at once]

param 2 changes the rate of the auto buttons [pads 1,2,3]

layer 2 does master video fx
param 1 changes the repeat count [1-512 repeats]
param 2 changes the rate [1/8th - 32 beats] [exactly like layer 1]

Of course layer 2 uses pads 9-16 [I could have used a software shift but didn't, I'll include a remaping guide soon]

pad 9 does master video fx boom auto [padshift kills]
pad 10 does master video fx colorize [padshift kills]
pad 11 does master video fx negative [padshift kills]
pad 12 does master video fx spectral [padshift kills]
pad 13 does master video fx shake [padshift kills]
pad 14 does master video fx strobe [padshift kills]
pad 15 does master video fx vibrate [padshift kills] [x64 users when we get more video fx, I'll update]
pad 16 does snap, it will sync the fx called [after snap is on] to the down beat] [padshift kills all master video fx]

I'll give images later, but I'm really interested as to how this looks on machines that are better than mine [v interested in mac users]

geposted Mon 17 Jun 19 @ 4:42 pm
I gotta say that the shaders switching around like they are is an awesome touch. Makes the visuals go nuts - love it so far.

geposted Mon 17 Jun 19 @ 7:23 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Thank you, using master deck beat_bar for video crossfade and shader change on both decks really steps it up a gear. Following master deck means even with just one deck playing both decks change shaders.
Back at my machine now so I'll update OP.

geposted Mon 17 Jun 19 @ 8:13 pm
Tryed it while testing simultaneously
- a big 32 button pad page on a touch screen
- with multiple video windows skin
- a video skin with video insert

result is really impressive !!
I tested while 5 video windows were open but only 2 displays but badly this test machine is probably far "not better than yours" and finally the graphic driver crash after 1st screen capture. The image is not really representative but the main preview is not the best view but cool

geposted Mon 17 Jun 19 @ 11:53 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Cool idea with the 32pad page, Makes sense for a touch screen. I'm in the process of doing similar with my lauchpad, I'm also going to make a normal deck version of the video fx part [pads 9-16] so I have one launchpad page devoted to video for master and decks.
5 outputs + screen capture + video cossfader @ 1 & transition @ 1 is really pushing everything but that's how I would test it too XD
Are you using x64? It should run cooler.

geposted Tue 18 Jun 19 @ 1:06 am
nop 64bit version, even i get shaders and transitions and CDG working with 64bit, there is no video and some video effects don't work at all with this PC and VDJ64 :/

geposted Tue 18 Jun 19 @ 1:55 am