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Topic: WIFI
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
I never really wanted to post here again but my heart remains with the typical VDJ user, and not the staff.
WIFI can easily be blocked by cheap devices on sale on ebay using the same technology that is used to block spy cameras.
Hence none of the internet functions in VDJ can be relied upon.
Plan accordingly.
Never become dependent on the internet.
It is just a simple local (2-8m range) radio wave jamming device costing under £20.
It is wise to keep your main laptop offline and use a second connected to the internet.

geposted Wed 18 Sep 19 @ 10:25 pm
lincol2PRO InfinityMember since 2011
VDJ Ron wrote :

It is wise to keep your main laptop offline and use a second connected to the internet.

How would I update VDJ main laptop if its kept offline?

geposted Thu 19 Sep 19 @ 1:44 am
There is a million things someone could do to screw up your night... statistically it probably won't happen but you are never 100 percent safe. ... People sometimes will go in with guns blazing... You could be struck by lightning.. Florida here is the lighting capital of the US but we still go outside... The power could go out.,,, All phones could go out... This happened again a few weeks ago... The first time it happened years ago was do to sunspots and lasted about an hour... This latest case was similar so assuming the same.

In US: Federal law prohibits the operation, marketing, or sale of any type of jamming equipment, including devices that interfere with cellular and Personal Communication Services (PCS), police radar, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and wireless networking services (Wi-Fi).

Just consider WI-FI to be public even if protected... I am on wired internet but I would not bet my life it won't have a little down time within a month.

Seems to me a lot of the DJ's are good at covering problems anyway... I would not want to be streaming my video or audio as a DJ though for the most part just to be sure it was glitch free.

geposted Thu 19 Sep 19 @ 2:54 am
@VDJ Ron
Welcome back

This helps not to be in a bad situation... consider the laptop/computer used for gig as the opposite of a server - online only for update/upgrade

backup VDJ on the connected laptop and install the new build
figure out if it is really needed/usefull/usable or reverse to the previous working build ^^
try it during some days to see more deeper - even better if both laptops are identical
ONLY if it fix some issue or add a feature really wanted :
backup all VDJ on the main laptop
you can now install the new build on the main laptop from local network or usb key or internet because this is about when in use, not during maintenance !
A new build will almost always keep what was already installed - even when it wouldn't - exactly the same way an update does

NEVER blindly updating the main laptop is a big security and most of the time prevent big surprises with any software

being offline also prevent the spurious VDJ dialogbox "You have been updated" raising at every launch when you don't want to upgrade

other solution : install everyhing for a gig, power on laptop and update and pray
then either cry or enjoy or rage

"Don Moir said:
"The power could go out.,,, All phones could go out... This happened again a few weeks ago"
Yep, this happened once again some month ago : power down due to misfunctionning oven and locked technical room and no phone/net area and nobody joinable
150meter long cable to power some sound only - minimum of light, no kitchen - from friendly neighbour ^^
And last month: hot summer too hot booth no air conditioning many people, verry long time .... hopefully emergency computer was off but ready
Only people who noticed signed for a gig ;

geposted Thu 19 Sep 19 @ 5:32 am
VDJ Ron wrote :
It is wise to keep your main laptop offline and use a second connected to the internet.

No it's not Ron,
i have worked from laptops to DJ with since 1999 and always used wifi, in the old days for MSN messenger and now for online music, remote control etc. I've never ever had an issue with it at all.

Just because you have major issues with paranoi doesn't mean everyone else has too.

geposted Thu 19 Sep 19 @ 5:34 am
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010

The above is a link to the down market cheap device you may encounter.
Many much more sophisticated devices exist.
All radio waves can be blocked.
WiFi is based on radio waves.
This nuisance is akin to kids with lasers attacking car happens.

I put my prrotected working laptop online at home every so often for Win 10 updates.
I have a version of VDJ which I find works well and avoid updates.
I don't need things like shaders.

geposted Thu 19 Sep 19 @ 8:04 am
You can jam and buy or make most anything... In the US anyway it is a federal offense. I don't think there would be any benefit in jamming a club unless maybe he worked at the club and was fired and is now pissed... well better to jam then to go postal... In US since ex employers of the US Post Office have come back with guns a number of times... we say he has gone postal which refers to that kind of thing... I would not worry about a rare case.. Besides it has nothing to do with being safe... It just blocks the WiFi signal, Like I said, I would not be depending on internet either for critical things like your audio and video but would not be afraid to be on the internet either... You might want to retrieve audio from the internet though... if it's on then you can do it otherwise you can't :) If it does go down for whatever reason than it happens... I would say if you can't cover that as a DJ, than you probably suck or just learning.. but most of the DJs I have talked with handle bigger problems than that routinely. Besides if guests phones stop working too, then they will probably leave so no worries :)

Has anyone ever had it happen to them?

geposted Thu 19 Sep 19 @ 1:42 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
VDJ Ron wrote :
This nuisance is akin to kids with lasers attacking car happens.

So I take it you don't use cars anymore either?

geposted Thu 19 Sep 19 @ 2:06 pm
He wears laser proof glasses :-)

geposted Thu 19 Sep 19 @ 4:16 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Adion your logic is faulty as normal. If you read carefully you will see I use two laptops, but only one on the internet.
The problem is that so few of you are professional DJ's.

The one on the internet runs Djay Pro and Spotify plus a backup copy of VDJ should the other laptop fail.
VDJ needs protecting.

geposted Thu 19 Sep 19 @ 5:42 pm
Ron I agree with you someone could jam my wifi..... an airplane could crash into the building im working in as well. Should i worry about that too? I too, keep an ipad with my music library and djay as a backup, heres the thing, as an "old" dj (spinning before laptops) I had to actually buy my music. Times have changed Ron you dont have to accept it I dont have to accept it but todays dj are going to rely on getting their music as needed by streaming. And for 10 - 50 bucks a month to stream I get it, I spent that much a week on Vinyl back in the day. Most of these so called dj's work in bars for 50 bucks a night in my area.
Why buy music that in a few months no one will care about. I would bet most djs under the age of 30 have never bought vinyl, or a cd let alone used turntables or cd players that werent hooked to a laptop. Point is thats their decision, and as someone who is older and wiser I wouldnt do it. Why worry about others who are willing to chance it.
I will laugh my ass off at the dj who only streams and then loses his internet.

geposted Thu 19 Sep 19 @ 8:49 pm
VDJ Ron wrote :
The problem is that so few of you are professional DJ's..

Why would a professional DJ need to tell others not to depend on internet because of jamming? Seems to me a professional DJ would already know not to depend on the internet for important stuff since it can have problems that have nothing to do with jamming. For passive use should be fine and jamming should not be a big deal for you.

Even if your a non pro and you are relying on the internet for streaming audio or video you probably already noticed problems.

geposted Fri 20 Sep 19 @ 12:57 am
[quote=VDJ Ron]
The problem is that so few of you are professional DJ's.

so who is it that isn't a 'professional' dj?
aside from Don maybe.
what criteria are you judging this by?

cause if you're talking about me... well

geposted Fri 20 Sep 19 @ 7:17 am
You guys are feeding the troll again.

geposted Fri 20 Sep 19 @ 8:34 am