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Topic: Copy/Paste into Search
Did we lose the ability to paste things into the search bar? Or copy from it and paste somewhere else? I know the keyboard mappings changed, but I seem to remember this working even after that update.

v8.5-64 b7151

geposted Tue 04 Oct 22 @ 6:36 pm
This never seemed to work again, unless I am missing something!

geposted Mon 06 Mar 23 @ 4:25 am
Pasting to searchbox works fine here.
The only things to keep in mind are:
1) Focus must be on the searchbox
2) You must use the new keyboard shortcuts mapping (not legacy)
3) If you use custom keyboard mapping then obviously CTRL+V (or CMD+V) must not be mapped to an action

PS: With defualt keyboard mapper you can paste something to searchbox like this:

F (or any letter actually) forces focus on searchbox and starts a search
Backspace removes the previous letter, but still keeps the focus on searchbox
Finally CTRL+V pastes the text

If you want you can map something like the "`" key (the key that's on the left of "1" key) as search
Then you can press that key and follow with CTRL+V
This makes pasting to searchbox a 2 steps process.

geposted Mon 06 Mar 23 @ 2:33 pm
I had to re-map the CTRL+V script I had to get it to work, even with the focus on the search box. I don't believe it was always like that, but a small change to gain the functionality back.


geposted Wed 08 Mar 23 @ 6:55 am
Hello, can i ask a question?

geposted Tue 26 Sep 23 @ 12:25 pm
That's what forums are for..

geposted Tue 26 Sep 23 @ 12:54 pm
DJMBR01PRO InfinityMember since 2015
PatHaley wrote :
Hello, can i ask a question?

Only you & your psychiatrist would know the true answer to that question.


geposted Tue 26 Sep 23 @ 2:38 pm