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Topic: Scratching only with Mouse and Keyboard
I haven't a console. So how can I scratch "in the best form" only with the mouse and keyboard? There isn't any tutorial?

geposted Fri 24 Oct 08 @ 2:45 pm
i would like to know how i can scratch
with my mouse and keyboard

geposted Tue 04 Nov 08 @ 2:38 pm

geposted Sat 20 Nov 10 @ 2:51 pm
spinashHome userMember since 2009
I Do Scratch With Mouse...And that aint Easy at All....All You need to do is to Time the Bass Beat or Da Beat You wana Scratch On and Move your Mouse Smooooothly Front and Back. on a Play or Stop Mode...Be Serious.When you wana Scratch with mouse.

geposted Wed 01 Dec 10 @ 2:49 am
i'm very glad to be in the membership of virtual dj, all i need is somebody to help me on how to set the performanc and option table in the virtual dj configuration so that one can scratch in,agood form using a mouse and a keyboard

geposted Mon 26 Jan 15 @ 9:42 am
RobRoyPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2012
scratching with the mouse is surely possible.
But i would recommend at least a basic or beginner level controller to improve your skills
like the Hercules MK 4 wich is about $60-70.
Scratching with the mouse is like riding a bike in a pc game ... possibly fun but beyond reality :-)

geposted Mon 26 Jan 15 @ 10:05 am
tunovaHome userMember since 2014
how can sratch with a mouse without stopping the song?

geposted Wed 25 Mar 15 @ 5:00 am
my name is zero,for short. I am using virtual DJ but I don't know how to scratch with.....Is there any one who could kindly teach me?

geposted Sun 23 Apr 17 @ 12:26 pm
GambizHome userMember since 2018
how can i make a voice drop of my djs name

geposted Fri 26 Jan 18 @ 10:47 pm

geposted Tue 30 Jan 18 @ 2:45 pm
keyboard can be used to scratch on virtual dj 7 by editing the mapers...pls if you want to know how u can do it whatsapp me on [NUMBER REMOVED]

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geposted Mon 07 May 18 @ 4:35 pm