I simply Am.. I have a distinct style derived from many of my idols. many Dj's across the globe. Some which include Progressive House, Techno, Jungle, Hip-Hop, and Turntablism. Nothing is pure originality, more a combination of all genres, all skill and all talents.

I'm curious like George, hence my picture. My mind is very active and my soul is very aware. My body can only be a vessel for self expression. This heightened awareness and acute cognitive ability enabled me to receive much info, handle all input and produce all me. "I am.."


DJDAKI1 schreiben an Fri 18 May 12
THX 4 add
DjUttA schreiben an Thu 03 May 12 us
DjUttA schreiben an Thu 03 May 12
nobody responds amongst our community..lets communicate. Dj UttAh
DjUttA schreiben an Sun 29 Apr 12
What is the best mini input controller for this application. I'm disabled in one arm. I need touch control to improve my game.
DjUttA schreiben an Sun 04 Mar 12
and Terminator X and Dj Premier..much praise..!!
DjUttA schreiben an Sun 04 Mar 12
it's a new age..everyone can now be a Dj..but it's those that started out w 1200's, 3 Lp's and a mixer that we should acknowledge and celebrate. Thanks to all. RIP Jam Master Jay- Raisin Hell was my first vinyl
DjUttA schreiben an Thu 28 Apr 11
"I want to thank the streets that drove me crazy"-
Braenzu schreiben an Thu 01 Apr 10
thanks 4 add
Rune (dj-in-norway) schreiben an Mon 25 Jan 10
thanks for the add ;)
DjUttA schreiben an Thu 22 Jan 09
The only way to learn is to fail many times