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djallen25 schreiben an Thu 07 Feb 13
hi sir??? whatzup!???
TDBennett schreiben an Thu 11 Oct 12
what's good?
mandoy schreiben an Thu 08 Dec 11
hey wass up pinoy ka pala........
Sheryo schreiben an Sat 26 Mar 11
Thanks for the add ;)
the SOUND INSURGENT schreiben an Fri 11 Mar 11
Thanks for the add browse!!
JOHN30 schreiben an Sun 18 Apr 10
hi dj ranes could u help me wiyh my set up i have vestax cdx-05 and cant get the time code s working and to add to that im realy bad with computers so maby u could tell me about the firmware u were talking a out on the forum.thanks john
proson schreiben an Wed 10 Mar 10
so beautiful to cover !
y love !
AznAng3l schreiben an Thu 21 Jan 10
Hi Ranes, Hope your doing well!!
spinnaJ schreiben an Tue 10 Nov 09
Hehe, the first asian is me and that is on oct 2007 being VIP:P
spinnaJ schreiben an Mon 09 Nov 09
COngrats to u been on the VIP status;)
spinnaJ schreiben an Sun 01 Nov 09
Hi dj ranes... congrats to be an experiences pro user;)

PS: you are the 2nd asian i know that have achieved it..hehe:P