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Pads Menu

Pad Menus give quick access to settings or options to adjust the pad’s behaviour or functionality as well as providing quick access to sub-menus. Not all pages require a menu as they do not necessarily have many options or settings that require adjustment in a live setting. The most common pages are provided with menus by default, but if you are creating your own Pad Pages you may need to add a menu to make your workflow more fluent.

For the purpose of this guide, we will use the Hot Cue Pads page and Menu as an example as it is already pre-defined by default.

The Pad Menu offers 5 different options:

  • Edit CUEs and POIs...
  • Read-Only (Lock)
  • Smart Cue
  • Quantize on Set
  • Display mode

Clicking on Edit... in the page selector will open the Pads Editor. You can now select the MENU button to display the menu syntax and/or edit it.

Each Menu Syntax consists of a Display Name, an Operator, and an Action (VDJscript) in brackets. Use the color coded text as a reference to better understand how each component of the menu syntax behaves.

The full command syntax is:
[ DisplayName ] [ Operator ][ [VDJScriptAction] ]

Display Names
You can choose any name you wish to be displayed for your menu option. Display Names are written at the beginning of the syntax in plain text. When creating sub-menus the Display Name must be identical or it will create multiple sub-menus.

Operators connect Display Names to Actions. Each operator has a unique behavior in relation to the entire syntax:

Executes a [VDJ Script] action

Executes a [VDJ Script] action; the same as = but also displays a check mark if the assigned VDJ Script action returns true (enabled)

Creates a sub-menu item based on the initial Display Name. A Display Name, Operator and Action are required after (see examples below).

Creates a separator line between menu items.

Actions are any VDJscript that you wish to use in your Pad Menu. Actions must always be placed between brackets ( [ ] ).


Edit CUEs and POIs... =[edit_poi]
Read-only (Lock) +[lock_cues]
Smart Cue +[smart_cue]
Quantize on Set +[quantize_setcue]
Display mode >> Cue number +[cue_display 'number']
Display mode >> Name +[cue_display 'name']
Display mode >> Time Pos +[cue_display 'position']
Display mode >> Time left +[cue_display 'distance']
Display mode >> Beats left +[cue_display 'beat']

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