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Topic: International Virtual DJ Communities

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Hi! My name is DBS. I'm the leader of a Hungarian Trance-band, Artcore. We have a lot of friends who want to be a DJ. However, they are just amateurs, but they wanted to exercise. We found that website in 2004 and we use this program to mix music. We established a Hungarian Virtual DJ Community in May 2004. It is the Club Extravaganza which changed its name in September 2004 to Virtual DJ Club Extravaganza. So if you have an own website like this, write into this topic. Let us know how many people enjoy this great program!

By the way, here is our website:
Language: Hungarian, of course ;)

geposted Tue 08 Feb 05 @ 6:06 pm
djcelPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
I didn't see any link on your website to go to this OFFICIAL website, please add one !!!
( As you use an official logo on your website !! )

geposted Tue 08 Feb 05 @ 7:21 pm
Hello DBS. Thank you for introducing yourself and your Hungarian Virtual DJ Community to us. I visited your site; unfortunately, I only speak and read English. However, this is an International DJ Community. We have DJs from all over the world that call this place home—I’m from the USA. I really enjoy this program along with numerous other people. Many of us switched from using other DJ software to using VDJ because we also realized that this program is great!

Regarding your friends who want to DJ but are not at the “professional” level at this time, they may find the following threads very helpful:

Those threads were professionally written by the very informative dj-in-norway. If your friends can’t understand English, maybe you can translate these timeless threads and post them in your Hungarian Virtual DJ forums. From reading your post, you impress me as being very fluent in English. I also have to assume from the name of your community—Virtual DJ Club Extravaganza—that you have a lot of experience as a club DJ. Therefore, may I invite you to share your club DJing experiences in this thread entitiled “Club Mixing”: http://www.virtualdj.com/forum/display.html?topic=9931

In closing, thank you for helping to promote the VDJ name. Furthermore, may you and your Hungarian Virtual DJ Community consider us as your extended VDJ family.


geposted Tue 08 Feb 05 @ 7:44 pm
Thank you very much. Your help was startled me: I expected that this project (the Club Extravaganza) was not so good as I always wanted. But now we have 11 members (not full members, that's why I didn't write anything from them for now), and an English site has started (clxenglish.gportal.hu, but it is possible that we can't handle more website, so it will be end).
I know that some Hungarians don't know English, but fortunately more and more people take a language exam... However, I decided to translate your VDJ tips and tricks (for example: "What should you do before you first play music in a club?" = "Mit tanácsos tenned, mielőtt először mész egy klubba zenélni?"). People like it very much.
A question: it is possible that I upload the newest (2.06) DEMO version of Virtual DJ to our website? Or it is restricted by laws? ;)

Anyway, thanks for everything! The CLX team hopes that our project will be successful in the future and VirtualDJ will very popular and even better!

(P.S.: my English knowledge needs some upgrade... :)

-=DBS=- (Leader of the Club Extravaganza and a member of Artcore [http://artcore.freeweb.hu - Download=Letöltés])

geposted Tue 12 Apr 05 @ 1:15 pm
JeremKPRO InfinityStaffMember since 2004
You Can Give the link to download the Demo 2.06 on this site, I think it would be better so the people who come to your site know where VirtualDJ comes from.

If you are afraid they wouldn't understand how to download the demo on this english site, then explain what to click on to download the Demo.

I'm afraid some people would think that you created VirtualDJ if they come to your site, and this could create juridicial problems between you and Atomix Prod. (developpers of VirtualDJ).

geposted Tue 12 Apr 05 @ 1:40 pm
Daniel D, your English is fine. However, you need to “upgrade” to the Professional Edition. You cannot sincerely promote a product without having explored its full potential. Maybe after upgrading your user status, Mr. Clavel and Company might consider incorporating your forum into their “Specific Languages” forums by providing a link on this site to yours.


geposted Tue 12 Apr 05 @ 11:45 pm

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