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Topic: Virtual DJ 8. THE ULTIMATE DJ SYSTEM. - Page: 1
badiwHome userMember since 2011
WIth VDJ8 around the corner, i can't stand without participating to the flow. I'm a long time Serato user. I've been continuously looking to VDJ, and amazed by the number of killer features. At this time, i'm starting to migrate, attempting to use it with my SL1. I've been thinking for a while about all the djing business/gear/technique/concept and i gathered some ideas and features i liked on the numerous stuff out there, and i dreamed of a lot of other stuff. I'm sharing the features i would like to see into the ULTIMATE DJ SYSTEMthem awaiting comments, and even more maybe seeing some ideas implemented into VDJ8. Here we go.

Improvement of the customizable skin engine (resolution, tweakings...)
Exceptionnal visual feedback for manual beat matching
iPad / iPhone apps for customization, remote, control and feedback (track names could be seen by iOS)
Ability to change the interface transparence
More Intuitive Skin customization tool AND mac version
Apple like interface with slight relief/3D design
Everything modular (mixer, player, etc...) like the concept of THE ONE project (
Gear modules like in reason
Edit on Timeline
Timeline scratch
Cut and paste of audio
Stretch and loop of audio
Reuse and re-edit of audio
Non destructive editing
Subsample loop
Subsample precision editor
Better grid edit (best of both Serato and rekordbox)
Smart and efficient zoom
EQ crossfader
Transition FX
Way Better iconography

Independant Key Control
Labeled cue points/custom loops
Quantize function
Midi assignablation for autoloop (one command for each ⅛, ¼, ½/, 1, 2 ,4 , 8, etc…)
Midi synchronizable BPM
Loop Roll
Ableton Live compatibility for production/remix flexibility
Ableton Live tracks scratching
Control Live's tempo
Live Groove locking
Sample Deck like Traktor
Frequency Colored waveforms

Beat aware effects
VST compatibility for mac
Chainable effects

Midi assignable command for transitions and effects (one command per transition/video FX)
Syphon support (Output, L, R)
In app encoding support with all hanbrake functions (hanbrake licensing ?) plus batch treatment, trimming support...
Text effects
Image effects
Audio responsive effects
Automatic Video Effects load/save
Multi screen output flexibility (L, R, Mix) for use with a matrox triple head…
Quartz composer compatibility
Ability to retrieve tag information to use for titling (ex : looking for the artist/title/year id3 tag to automatically create a lower third for music videos or other purpose)
Ability to use the album artwork and apply effects on it when using an audio file
Frame blending
Freeform plugins compatibility
Color correction (channel/master)
Output quality adjustment
Better handling of HD media
Auto fade
External crossfader/upfader/cuefader contouring
Delay compensation adjustment
Flash playbak
Open GL compatibility
Photoshop files compatibility
3D space composition
Video mapping
Ability to automatically create a video track reacting on sound with several images
Better iTunes visualizers like function for audio files
RSS feeds functionality to display updated data with video effects
Better Karaoke function with a tool allowing to put lyrics on music videos and synchronize them easily to enrich the VJ performances based on music videos

Library protection functionality (accidental deletion, lock in case of stolen hard drive, data encryption…)
Plugins management (checkbox activation/deactivation for VST and video plugins)
Font size

Inspection of the tracks for fixing issues (Title, artwork, duplicates, missing tags, sorting, etc…)
Songmatch function for harmonic mixing, mashups, genre, mood, bpm…)
Better music video handling (HD tag to sort HD music videos…)
Metadata importation from databases like Gracenote
Lyrics importation
CD importation retrieving information on gracenote
Better Tracks analyzing (Key detection with changing key support, bpm detection with changing bpm, better auto gain, etc…)
FULL iTunes compatibility (ability to automatically detect a databased not located in the traditional "music" folder)
Automatic detection of newly added tracks in iTunes for analyze
Smart crates as powerful as in iTunes (revamp of the laborious filter folder)
Better set preparation
Customization of the database location
Better Tool for database maintenance, backup and restore
Playlist export and exchange
Serato database compatibility to retrieve all those stored cues, loops, etc…
Direct access to promotional music
Ability to correct/fix/enhance audio/video (clipping, peak repair, pitch correction, expansion, compression)
File renaming automation based on iD3 tags
Keeping database folders organized like in iTunes so we can get rid of it !
Assimilate view function to have consistency within crates views
Genres easy management
iTunes Rating field compatibility
Accurate Detection of DRM protected files
Proper English text capitalization
Flexible iD3 tags management system (Put this after/before,in that) like doug's scripts, search/replace tag text
Save album art to album folder
search wikipedia/youtube
Duplicate removals
Concert alert
artist bios and news

Easy hardware mapping (even in HID)
MIDI send AND receive functionality
OSC compatibility

Development of a highly customizable controller. This controller is amid to attract every kind of DJ (vinyl, CD, computer, producer). The features :
midi send/receive
4 decks control
magnetic crossfader AND upfader
LARGE high precision enlightened platters with jog control adjustment
vinyl speed adjustment
fader start
vinyl jog mode
novation dicer like loop buttons
cue points
4 phono inputs
4 Line Inputs
2 Instruments Input
CD player
DVD player (DVD video and DVD Rom)
USB Stick port
6 ethernet connectors
frequency mix
FX send and return
Master, Booth, zone1 and zone 2 audio outputs
library navigation
assignable crossfader
2 mics with talk over (One with Phantom Power)
FX assignable to ALL channels
large LED backlit touchscreen interface for feedback and control
external hard drive connection (USB 3, Thunderbolt)
dual usb supporting 2 computers
integrated sound card
6 video routing
image import and assignation on track channels
touch screen video inputs
four 7 inch orientable/foldable video monitors
front/rear on stand dual HD webcam for live video feed of the DJ/VJ and the the crowd simultaneously
upfader and crossfader curve adjustment
digital in/out
Footswitch jack
hdmi monitor output to plug a big LCD TV screen to display parts of the interface
User-brandable zones on the touch screen
4 Sample triggers
BPM synchronization with computers
SD card for storing/sharing setups
Futuristic removable tonearm to scratch a "glass" vinyl on top of the platter
ALL manual function to give "real" DJ's total control
sleek flight case integrating a crane stand like support for the computer and the external hard drive
glowing buttons with off, slightly and fully enlightened control
iPhone/ipod Dock
Universal AC/DC power supply
Thunderbolt for computer connection

The piece of hardware is a mix of translucent mutli-touch screen glass and and glowing knobs, buttons, etc…
The elements can be separated or attached (players, mixer, effects, etc…). The glass supports intensive usage, The knobs and buttons come with different colors.

We can have 2 types of main controllers. A small one with audio only, a bigger one including video with the possibility to add options on it : a set of uniquely branded gear that can be connected to the main controller or used separately by another DJ/VJ/LJ eventually. With this flexibility one person can add pieces progressively, a crew/company/club can buy the whole set at once, a producer can have his ultimate next generation studio set up in no time and tightly integrated.

The possible options (with the same concept mixing touchscreen and real buttons) :
For DJ's : Effects unit with large pad and configurable buttons
For VJ's : Effects unit with large pad and configurable buttons
For producers : Full 8 channels mixer for producers smaller but with the same functionalities as the Avid Command 8, Artist Mix (formerly euphonic), Akai APC 40. Motorized faders, record/automation keys, assignable keys, modifier keys, application control, Monitor/Control room level, rotary encoders. Thunderbolt connection.
For producers : 49 keys keyboard with MPC like pads for programming drums in ableton live
For concert and VJ performances : Full 8 Channels video mixer with 4:4:4:4 (RGB Alpha) processing, 4 layers, 4 TBC, video effects, video keys, blend modes, wipes, audio input, bpm sync, midi in/out/thru, 4 components inputs/outputs, 4 composite inputs/outputs, 4 DVI inputs/outputs, 4 RGB inputs/outputs, 4 hdmi outputs, multi PIP, transition modes, presets, multi standards (Pal, Secam, NTSC). Crossfader, slider bar, midi. Eight 7 inch channel preview screen, One iPad size master preview screen, motorized faders, Thunderbolt connection
For concert and LJ performances : Lighting controller for sending DMX instructions synchronized with sounds and visuals. Control of zones, scenes, groups, timelines and effects. Sunlite easy view 3D and easy show link. Buil-in DMX Interface. Thunderbolt connection

The controller and the computer can "share" the interface windows. For example, the library can stay on the controller while the waveforms or the effects can stay on the computer or even the LCD TV screen.

To summarize, it's a controller taking the best of : CDJ 2000/900, SVM 1000, DJM 2000, EFX 1000, Korg Kaos, Rane 68, Numark NS7, APC 40, Smithson Martin Emulator, Vixid VJ X16-4, Roland V8, iPad… It can probably be developed with the biggest names in the industry

Closed, Semi-open and intra-ear Headphones (taking the best of the Beat by Dre and the HDJ 1000). 90 degrees angle selectable jack position, lockable cable on earphone
Cartridge (taking the best of the ortofon S120)
Microphone with "On Air" light when it's on

Of course all this gear has the same "style" as the main controller. The goal is to provide a perfectly matched setup with no compromises in quality and functionality.

Recording of actions as automation that can be edited (Mixtapes), better than the Bridge
Offline Video performance recording to lower the load on the system
Better Loop Recorder

Better Automix
Ableton live audio routing

Quantized scratch / Beat matched scratch

Mac support for all this
More than 4Go RAM cache handling for video
Native 64 bits application
Multi-processor support
Tight integration with Pioneer, Ableton Live, the upcoming Resolume Arena, Sunlite

As soon as i can, i'll provide some mockups and interface ideas.

PS : What can we do to be part of the beta testing ? I can't wait to see what you're preparing...

geposted Fri 11 Nov 11 @ 10:48 pm
badiwHome userMember since 2011
Last but not least ! REBRANDING ! Or at least add a new Brand for the upcoming overhaul, positioning it differently.

geposted Fri 11 Nov 11 @ 10:54 pm
cstollPRO InfinityMember since 2004
This is a joke right, just so you could post the 'rebranding' statement!

I stopped reading every single line about a third of the way down as you had described about 60-70% of VirtualDJ at that point. Then as I skimmed the rest I kept seeing VirtualDJ features listed about every third or forth line. And out of all that you conveniently forgot and needed to post the rebranding.

So clearly it is an attempt to drum up a debate. As a program that you have tried to layout will never exist and if it would evolve then it would be a DJ software. 90+% of DJs out the don't use or even need 20% of what you listed.


geposted Fri 11 Nov 11 @ 11:33 pm
djrxmxPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Looks like someone had a lot, I mean a LOT, of time to write and discern this. Wow. Are you sure you didn't stay up the other night until 5am to write this? lol

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 12:57 am
Dj ArumPRO InfinityMember since 2009
ITS FAKE, HE WORKS AT MCDONALDS, its so clear to me now

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 1:21 am
This guy writes just like as he wants, he doesn't knows that most of line that he listed is already one of the VDJ function many years back. Wow i can't imagine how ignorance the serato user was. He he he he, i remember one of my friend talking about new features in serato and i told him i can do that, then i map my VDJ to what he want and said wow !. Right now i'm mapping the XONE DX to VDJ and it is almost done to KICK SERATO ITCH users and shift to VDJ with their Xone DX gear. I have already done some testing with my friends who uses serato and it has superb features i always aim to have VDJ better functionality on Xone DX versus ITCH like i was able to map the Jogwheel better option by having 4-modes like browser song on Xone DX platter, Vinyls mode, CD mode and Skip mode-Auto play it plays automatic when VDJ recognize that you touching the jogwheel, most of this features are serato user requested me to map the VDJ and move to VDJ because they are already fed up using ITCH.

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 1:28 am
djraszaPRO InfinityMember since 2005
many of those features you are asking for are already here, and if you cant seem to find them in VDJ how in the world are you going to manage connecting Ableton and its complexity?...

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 8:15 am
badiwHome userMember since 2011

I'm surprised by your reactions. I don't know VDJ as i do know Serato, but i'm thinking aboutt switching. That means that a lot of the features i listed are already in VDJ. I'm not aware that some others are already there but as i said i'm not a heavy user of VDJ. I'll surely be. I JUST TRIED to list the features that an ideal ultimate DJ software should have. On MY opinion. That's all. This place is meant to share opinions, not to get angry, ironic or mock at each other. On the Serato side, it's the same. VDJ sucks and bla bla bla… Let's get positive and try to improve our favorite DJ tools that are primarily aimed at entertaining people. This is all about partying, laughing and having fun. This is not world war 3 for DJ's or DJ software companies.

Why would i write all that just to talk about rebranding ? I'm not a man of useless debates. I'm 40, been DJing since 1990. I like progress, and even if the features i listed wouldn't exist, our industry will not go forward without thinking out of the box. Apple did it. The guys from THE ONE are doing it too. Your company is certainly doing it too with all the resources you have now after buying PCDJ. I don't appreciate those self proclaimed real DJ's saying that VDJ is for bedroom DJ's. I can mix with vinyl's, CD's and i do harmonic mixing too. I love the concept of remixing on the fly (VDJ with rewire, Serato with the bridge). So i would always use the automatic syncing function of VDJ. Because it leaves me with A LOT of time to do other interesting things during my set. I'm a future Atomix customer, not a troublemaker. Your marketing division will tackle the rebranding question. It has to stay out of my concerns apparently. I just wanted to share opinion. Best regards.

You're completely right. I spent a night gathering and wryting down all this. Because i love what i'm doing. No irony here.

Yes. I did work at Mc Donald's (completely true). Stop having a high opinion of yourself because i know a lot of hard working guys at Mc Donald's saving to buy gear. You should battle one of them. You'll learn a lot.

Ignorance makes you think that every Serato user is an ignorant. Is that true ? Think about it. I'm sure that you know a lot of people that YOU LOVE and that are doing their stuff with Serato. So let's be constructive. I'm glad that you are able to map your XONE, but before going out to kick ITCH's ass, you should just keep entertaining people at your gigs, spreading love and happiness around you. It's worth it.

Sorry guys if i did wrong. I'll continue DJing, sharing and learning.
I hope that this thread will not be removed.

Peace out.

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 8:47 am
This is why DJ software is getting Exagerated. The request some Djs want.

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 11:17 am
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003

Atomix needs to hire this guy! after all someone's got to be the tea boy.

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 11:22 am
spreading love and happiness?

i couldn't find that in the mapper .......

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 2:23 pm
Dj ArumPRO InfinityMember since 2009
I through out the Mcdonalds comment out of pure randomness for the fact that I didn't read the entire feature list. Just said it as a Completely irrelevant note to the situation at hand. I work as a busboy and got all the money from that to buy my gear. You should stop breathing, you might learn something.

On the other hand, Wendys has high quality food at very competitive prices.

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 2:25 pm
Wow, way to chase off a don't have to be such dicks all the time.

He didn't come as a idiot, he said he wasn't familiar with the software and even after everybody poked fun at him his response was still respectful.........

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 2:33 pm
i hope we're not dicks all the time

i agree with Cstoll

he seems to be describing video editing software if you ask me .....

and doing a bit of a Columbo ....."just one more thing" ......

which turns out to be rebranding

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 2:44 pm
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003
I love it how a thread starts and you get about 10 people taking the piss, and then some righteous souls turn up late and it's like "you've had your fun evil, now we're going to show some love" - and then everything's ok, they'll make a movie about this some day.

On a more serious note I'd like to add something to the list:

- Touch sensitive cup/bottle holder with built in thirst detection (be an industry first)

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 3:02 pm
OK Chuck not all the time

@the bag,

Carry on.............

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 3:18 pm
Wow I really think that was pretty harsh. Everyones entitled to an opinion. Cmon he was just making suggestions... a lot of suggestions but suggestions nonetheless. You dont have to agree with his suggestions, and you dont have to like them either... but dont be a dick about it.

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 6:11 pm
^^ Agree.. Some very harsh feedback but nonetheless he did describe a lot of features already offered but also came up with some new ones that could help out the program and all DJ's using it. I think Automix should seriously look at this and take some of it into account with VDJ8

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 9:49 pm
djnutzPRO InfinityMember since 2006
I agree that most of what is listed already exists in Virtual DJ. My advice to OP:

If you are going to post in the English language, learn the language.
Everyone is different with different tastes in gear. This "dream rig" of yours would be perfect for you only.
The technology ALREADY exists to build what you want.

The problem I have is with the OP's statement about wanting the graphics to look more like the buttons on ipads and iphones, then he contradicts himself by saying the software needs rebranding.

Oh yeah, there is a forum called wishes and new features located here:

geposted Sat 12 Nov 11 @ 11:34 pm
santdPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Way to welcome a new comer and potential customer.

geposted Sun 13 Nov 11 @ 6:47 am
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