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serieB wrote :
Editing the skin with "Browser Tweaks" and Photo Filtre for the top area, this is how it looks with the darker background :

I was unable to change the background colour of the pre-listen area, not really a big deal after all.

PS: One thing I don't like is how the covers are showed in the players. Furthermore not complete, they are truly pixelated because of the default zoom applied.
Any chance to fix this issue for next updates?

serie B send me a message to my email and ill send you the zip file with the dark skin that you want and also you can see the lil changes i did to mines that you might like

geposted Sun 17 Nov 19 @ 12:16 am
comins soon: black mode

dark mode:

black mode:

its not a good idea to create your own custom colors with browser tweaks. Most of the custom skins, wich a not based on the standard skin uses more than one browser. OrangeJuice has 128 browsers inside with only one color config. Browser tweaks changes this in 128 configs in each of the 128 browsers. The skin xml grows up about 400kb! Better edit the xml direct. Look at line 20.....

geposted Sun 05 Jan 20 @ 2:20 pm
Coming soon:Version OrangeJuice 4.2

4.2-2020 - 05.01.2020
- Sub skin with brand new blackmode
- remix & feat. now displayed in player
- recoded browser. now only one colorconfig aera in skin xlm at line 20
- recoded browser in all 128 sub browsers for a single config at line 20

Please wait a few days. The skin is uploaded an need the approval by staff....

if you want to edit the colors, look at line 20 in the xml:
<colors background="#0c0c0c">
<separators line="#343434"/>
<toolbars background="##090909" backgroundselected="#282828" backgroundmouseover="#282828" text="#ffffff" border="#0c0c0c"/>
<columns background="#0c0c0c" text="#ffffff" />
<scrollbars background="#0c0c0c" button="#ffffff" />
<info background="#0c0c0c" stripes="#090909" text="#ffffff" label="#a0a0a0" artist="#d5d5d5" title="#ffffff" />
<lists background="#0c0c0c" stripes="#090909" over="#282828" overstripes="#282828" selected="#282828" focus="#282828" text="#ffffff" overtext="#ffffff" selectedtext="#ffffff" focustext="#ffffff" automix="#4080c4" livefeedback="#ffc4c4" download="#ff4040" scan="#ff4040" button="#3d3d3d" buttonactive="#838383" insert="#ff0000" />
<search background="#0c0c0c" border="#7a7a7a" selected="#717171" text="#ffffff" cursor="#ffffff" />
<grids background="#0c0c0c" over="#2f2f2f" selected="#444444" focus="#7a7a7a" text="#ffffff" overtext="#ffffff" selectedtext="#ffffff" focustext="#ffffff" stripes="#0c0c0c" overstripes="#2e2e2e" selectedstripes="#2e2e2e" focusstripes="#2e2e2e" label="#7f7f7f" />
<prelisten background="#0c0c0c" border="#7a7a7a" selected="#136024" cursor="#18a639" button="#cbcbcb" buttonbackground="#5c5c5c" buttonselected="#18a639" />

geposted Sun 05 Jan 20 @ 3:26 pm
serieBPRO InfinityMember since 2017
Amazing news! Thank you so much for your hard work!

geposted Sun 05 Jan 20 @ 4:31 pm
This is Awesome! my favorite skin

geposted Fri 17 Jan 20 @ 7:38 pm
serieBPRO InfinityMember since 2017
DjdedosTampa wrote :
This is Awesome! my favorite skin

Mine too, is just stunning!

geposted Fri 17 Jan 20 @ 10:40 pm
serieBPRO InfinityMember since 2017
Any chance to adapt this wonderful skin to the new 2021 version? Cheers

geposted Sat 20 Jun 20 @ 2:41 pm
there are right now no developer infos available

geposted Sat 20 Jun 20 @ 2:55 pm
serieBPRO InfinityMember since 2017
djnice :o) wrote :
there are right now no developer infos available

Thank you man. We will wait patiently!

geposted Sat 20 Jun 20 @ 2:57 pm
The new EQ will still work on old skins. You can use the stems pad page (on/off for each stem), the stems FX plugin (knobs for each stem) and the Color FX vocal knob.

geposted Sat 20 Jun 20 @ 3:01 pm
coming soon after approval:
4.3-2021 - 02.09.2020
- Rebuild stems EQ and add new labels (only full size decks)
- Rebuild stems EQ on small decks....sorry no room for EQ labels
- Add Stems Menue behind VDJ Logo
- rightclick on High/Mid/Low EQ label will cycle thru EQ modes (thx DannYo)
- renamed subskins for correct order

geposted Wed 02 Sep 20 @ 10:08 pm
serieBPRO InfinityMember since 2017
Great news to get back this wonderful skin. Thanks mate!

geposted Thu 03 Sep 20 @ 7:49 am
DJ GDWPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Sehr sehr Geil gemacht ....VIELEN DANK FÜR DEINE TOLLE ARBEIT .....macht jetzt wirklich Spass mit dem OJ-Skin zu arbeiten ....vor allen sehr schnell umschaltbar ohne lange in Menues suchen zu müssen

geposted Thu 03 Sep 20 @ 6:02 pm
coming soon:
4.4-2021 - 13.09.2020
- Masterdeckbutton now inside players near each jogwheel
- deck select now with rightclick on "DECK x" label inside each player
- rebuild splitbrowsert:
- - 1. zoomable waves / Playlists / browser for bottom waves
- - 2. zoomable waves / browser for bottom waves
- optimized 'black' graphics
- rebuild scratchwaves
- add stems EQ --> rightclick on EQ high/mid/low lable will cycle thru EQ/Stems mode

NEW NEW NEW and available soon: zoomable waves with suitable browsers.The [split] button will add a additional, zoomable rack for playlists, automix, sampler....

geposted Sun 13 Sep 20 @ 7:07 pm
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