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Topic: help me choose a new midi controller - Page: 2
Man and music
No one rubbed me any way i feel badly im failing to express correctly what i do and what i desire,

Seems some are in tune with what im talking about, others seem to think more is not just better but a must i feel that is being forced at me,
When its not the case for my needs,

Like 938, and other cats listed some products that would serve my needs well and not over kill

Sunroofs are cool if you like sun and they dont leak, ;-)
Im not close minded i just simply have zero need for a 2k controller, unless im missing something about it,

After all these years i know what i do and how i do it, please keep in mind i went from vinyl, to vhs, i used to do 95% video, cds and now computer, i never wished for this or that feature or ability,

Never in 35 plus years have i needed two mics, that denon 500 supported 2, never used that feature,

Ive opened for many bands small and huge and play through the bands System so the sound guy gave them all they mics they needed, or i played through my clubs system and the band was a whole separate ststem,
But yes, one mic is a must have, but even a cheap djio gives one that,

I hauled my old big denon gear to the show last night,
While i do like the mixer the controller over the mixer isnt great in design reaching up past the mixer to it , the side by side, much better lay out,

I came here asking what guys doing stuff similar to what i do are using, what they like what they hate,
I understand that reply will very person to person,

Im gonna take a close look at the 6000 and a couple others like it,
Im concerned with fader wear, is it hard to change them out?

I thank one and all for the help,

geposted Tue 16 Jan 18 @ 1:02 am
So why is the vms series junk, the VMS 5 looks like something i just might have liked,

Please list why you wouldnt reccomend them...thanks

geposted Tue 16 Jan 18 @ 1:28 am
13bats, the faders are not easily replaceable on the MC6000. I have two of the Mk1's and I have never need to change them.
I did change the TACT switches on CUE/PLAY and if you have some skills with the soldering iron is not much of a problem taking the unit apart.
The 6000 is a tank, and works perfect with VDJ.
This is for Mk1, maybe Mk2 is not the same story.

I also have the MCX8000 which is another piece of metal tank which works brilliant with VDJ

geposted Tue 16 Jan 18 @ 11:52 am
Thanks mr jackson,

I was looking around google and really like the 6000s
Besides visual what are big if any differences in mk1 and mk2

Im good with electronics but some things are not freindly to fix on some of this stuff,

Good faders should last a while my denon 500 faders are perfect and it was in use since 09 however the master knob has a little crunch and would be a bear to swap out,

geposted Tue 16 Jan 18 @ 9:14 pm
I cannot help you to judge the difference between Mk1 and Mk2 of MC6000. I never used a Mk2.
From what I have heard people complain about Mk2 , it feels not that robust as Mk1 and they also did take away some of the functions.

Regarding faders on Mk1, I have treated them with some Fader lube from time to time and I have had zero issues with them.
I guess it all boils down to how hard you hit them and if you are cautious not spilling anything into the machine.

geposted Wed 17 Jan 18 @ 8:18 am
I did some reading and i really like the mk1
The mk2 changes do not appeal to me,

Im not at all hard on my gear so the fader should be fine,

geposted Wed 17 Jan 18 @ 4:13 pm
anok4u2PRO InfinityMember since 2011
The13bats wrote :
I did some reading and i really like the mk1
The mk2 changes do not appeal to me,
Im not at all hard on my gear so the fader should be fine,

You're forgetting something....suppose you buy the mk1...which are getting real old by now.
And next year or something, your OS needs to be updated to..let's say windows 11.
Without support or drivers for your "new" mk1....then you're in big trouble.
Don't buy too outdated stuff.

geposted Sat 20 Jan 18 @ 2:14 am
i thought ms was skipping 11 and going to 12 with a focus on vr,

Im running win7 and will for dj stuff long after ms kills updates, i also run like many vdj 7 but do want to look at 8,
Heck guys run xp still with limitations that xp had from day one,

My denon 4500 worked just fine at that last sun gig,
And its down right obsolete, actually so is the lap top i used, but it didnt miss a beat...

So i buy a denon mc6000 mk1, lets say it works today in win7
Since i have dedicated dj computers it will work like it does today as long as i desire it to, just like the 4500 does,

No, i wont have future firmware updates but it works right now,
Im not going to run win 10 so moot point there for me,

If mc6000 mk1 work well on 7 today with what ever drivers and firmware available it will last me just fine as long as i want it to i got 10 years out of my 4500 and it still works fine,

i can see if a guy is running 10 gearing up for 12 and buys the newest gear and wants his gear to work with 12 then he he has to plan that out, who knows if mk2 will even work with win12?

Do you have an old obsolete 6000 mk1 that you want to sell cheap, please hit me up...

any owners of both the mk1 and mk2 want give feedback on what the 2 has over the 1, that would be great...


geposted Sat 20 Jan 18 @ 10:10 pm
Im am curious why the mk2 is serato branded, do they ever vdj brand this gear?

geposted Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 12:04 am
I would like to provide my input. Like many here, I've been DJ'ing since the early 80's (1200's) back into it a few years ago and initially purchased an American Audio VMS4. I had the VMS4 for about a month, and was able to exchange for the VMS4.1. I can honestly say that I've had my VMS4.1 for about 4 years and I absolutely love it! It has never let me down in a gig, it has XLR inputs and works flawlessly with VirtualDJ. It may be mocked by some, but the sound output is excellent and it is a solid unit. I totally understand those that go for the DDJ's, but the VMS4.1 provides the tools that I need...I consider it one of the best 'bang for your buck' controllers.

geposted Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 7:00 am
I have a VCI-400 and I still recommend it. It is the format all other controllers are trying to match. Im simple with my choice of gear also, main feature I look at is Jog wheel, I scratch and cut and juggle and I wanted a controller that was designed with that in mind. And with the pads being above the jogs was the design i went for. . i also like the Gemini G2V , my cousin has one and the jogs feel good also.

geposted Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 2:19 pm
Thanks for the feedback,

I simply do not subscribe that a dj necessary needs the most expensive latest equipment to play or even do good,
Some guys do more with their music types than others do and that also has to be considered, and respected.

I liked the look and lay out of the American audio stuff very much,
I have several of their lights which i cant trash, they all work flawless except one i loaned out and the cat tried to tweak it,

I have noticed AA seems to have a reputation of being lower end and after some looking into the VMS
Controllers it would seem some models do have issues so which one is the good one, reviews are fairly limited,

I would very much like to hear good and bad about AA VMS stuff....please from guys who actually owned it ;-)

geposted Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 8:16 pm
938MyDJPRO InfinityMember since 2007

geposted Mon 22 Jan 18 @ 4:10 am
My AA VMS2 works for Me 100% perfekt since i buy than in 2011 .
Work with my
Toshiba Notebook with Win XP SP3 ,
Asus Netbook Win 7
and my HP Stream 7 / Win 8.1 Tablet
Perfect with VDJ 7.4.2-7.4.7.Pro Full
and VDJ 8 -VDJ 8.2 Pro Infinity Buildt 4064 Early Access.
Works fine too with the VDJ 7 -7.4 Le VMS 2 tat is in VMS 2 Package.
Never one failure since i Start with this.
Love this nice fine Piece of AA.
For Me this is good enough for my Mobile Disco.

For VMS 2 VMS 4.1 /VMS5 most of the Problems are the wrong Soundconfig,BuT when is right than all good.
The 1.Asiodriver 1.20 on CD is scrap/damaged ,use the AA Asiodriver 1.20 (from AA Website ) or the 1.22 or 1.25 that is good.
AT least use the VMS Modells only on this USB Ports tat the Hang by Installation,than the works fine.
Why ?
The Asiodriver is install only on this USB Port Who the VMS Modells Hang on install.
That the most failure i know .
When this is all good than the works i think 100% Perfect.

geposted Mon 22 Jan 18 @ 6:14 am
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