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good call!

geposted Sat 05 Mar 11 @ 5:19 pm
sharyfPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Arkaos Grand JV now suppots VST plugins to allow for the audio from another app to control visual effects. I downloaded the arkaos VST plug in, had to place it in sound effects, it can be selected and the pop up control window shows up BUT WITH NO CONNECTION. Is Virtual DJ not allowing this type of plug in? any idea what the problem might be???? i am a licensed CUE user


geposted Tue 29 Mar 11 @ 1:53 am
i have the hercules MK4 dj console, i have tryed putting the dll. file in the directory everyone is talking about and im STILL not seing any effects when i load up virtual DJ help anyone....PLEASE...

geposted Thu 31 Mar 11 @ 10:44 am
Sorry, the software that you received with your DJ Console is a free limited edition and does not allow custom skins, effects, etc. to be used or the program configuration options to be changed (Except during the 20 day trial of Pro.)

To be able to use custom skins, effects and much, much more you will need to upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Professional. Your MK4 VirtualDJ LE entitles you to a significant discount off the cost of upgrading. To receive this, please go to

You can also try out Pro features in VirtualDJ v7 Home FREE by going to - This software will allow you to test your MIDI controller with it for 10 minutes at a time before reverting back to internal mouse and keyboard control only.

geposted Thu 31 Mar 11 @ 1:20 pm
shigzHome userMember since 2011
I have virtual DJ 7 and i cant seem to get any VST to work (DSK) they just mute my music............Any fixes out there?

geposted Fri 29 Apr 11 @ 6:32 am
KiyosiPRO InfinityMember since 2009
DjTribal A wrote :
I've downloaded some free vst effects (minion, audjoo helix etc).All of them are in dll format. I'm a mac user and I've checked that these plug ins are compatible with OSX. The problem is that despite I put them in "sound Effect" folder, I can't use them. When I open VDJ I see nothing more than my older effects. How can I solve this problem?


I am also a Mac user with a ton of VSTs (VSTs that work within Live, are VST1s, etc).... I can't get VSTs to work with Virtual DJ.

I really want to use Effectrix:

(this effect is used by Siriusmo and Shook)

geposted Sun 08 May 11 @ 12:09 am
Does anyone know if BBE's Sonic Maximizer VST plug in's work in VDJ Pro 7.0 Full Version (Windows 7, 64 bit)? I would like to use this VST sound processor for not only playback, but also during recording... It is rather expensive and comes with a very aggressive iLok code, so I would like to hear if anyone used this plug in before I drop a hundred box on something that I may not be able to use... Any comments would be appreciated!

geposted Wed 17 Aug 11 @ 5:45 pm
can so one tell me can you records your mix vides in the free verison because it not letting me what fun is it to have if you can record or what update or plug in do i need

geposted Mon 12 Sep 11 @ 1:37 pm
The answer is yes, you can record with the Home Free version.

But you are posting at an irrelevant thread. Please do a search in the forums, and if you can not locate an answer to your question, open a new thread, providing any infos regarding your issue.
Answers may also be found here

geposted Mon 19 Sep 11 @ 8:39 am
Since the intro-message here says that VST 2.0 might not be supported, I would like to encourage for the devs to update this part of VDJ - since we are now moving into the VST3 Steinberg standard.

geposted Tue 08 Nov 11 @ 11:21 am
hen_murHome userMember since 2011
hi i'm new here and i don't understand why i can't do anythings in this site..
"Your current licenses do not allow you to download Effects"
"You don't have access yet to any Reserved forums."
do i need to pay?? can someone help me???

geposted Fri 23 Dec 11 @ 3:21 am

SBDJMember since 2006
You need to purchase a VDJ license appropriate for the downloads you want to access, and then register this license in your forum profile.

geposted Fri 23 Dec 11 @ 5:41 am

I'm trying to create a small plugin for VDJ, but I need some guidance, can you please provide me with whom to contact ?

Thanks in advance.

geposted Mon 27 Aug 12 @ 2:19 pm
SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006
Start a new thread in the plugins forum with your questions :)

geposted Mon 27 Aug 12 @ 3:53 pm
Oups, sorry...

geposted Mon 27 Aug 12 @ 4:26 pm
SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006
No problem :)

Start a completely new thread. I've replied to your support ticket too.

geposted Mon 27 Aug 12 @ 5:16 pm
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