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Dieser Teil des Themas ist veraltet und kann veraltete oder falsche Informationen enthalten

If you review my original post, it contains at least eight phases of Club Mixing. I’ve made-up descriptive titles for each phase so you can see them as a chain of events that occur for an audio adventure. As you read each phase, imagine yourself as a DJ Pilot that has the responsibility of taking the passengers (the crowd) in a club on an audio adventure. Here are the eight phases with brief descriptions:

1.The Preparation Phase-You properly preparing yourself to take the crowd on an audio adventure. You have your sets arranged so that you can take your passengers on different directions during the audio adventure. Just as a pilot is prepared to encounter different conditions during a flight, your sets are prepared to encounter different conditions at the club.

2.The Arrival Phase-Just as a pilot arrives earlier and checks his equipment in the cockpit, you also arrive early and check the equipment at the club. When your passengers begin to arrive, you play music that’s appropriate for their arrival. Since this is considered social time, your music should set a social mood.

3.The Waiting Phase-As the passengers are waiting for the audio adventure to start, you occasional play dance music to see how they respond. This allows you to obtain an idea of what to include in the audio adventure and what direction it should go in. You scan the passengers and focus on energetic women who seem to be in the dancing mood. You know that they are usually the first to respond to the next phase.

4.The Boarding Phase-You consistently play the kind of music your passengers want to hear so they will board the dance floor. Furthermore, the music prepares the passengers for the start of the audio adventure. You might also introduce some beatmixing to the passengers during this phase.

5.The Departure Phase-The passengers are on the floor so you begin to depart on the audio adventure. Consequently, you play music they expect to hear and don't expect music. You also become more creative with your mixing. However, you must remember that the music is what has them on the floor, not your mixing. Something else you consider doing is using a recording device to record the audio adventure just as a pilot uses a black box to record flight data.

6.The Stratosphere Phase-This is the extended emotional high you take the passengers to during your audio adventure. You have gotten them so emotionally high with your music and mixing that they cannot leave the floor. You can tell when you arrive at this phase by how intense your passengers are dancing. There are other people who cannot board the dance floor because it's too crowded so they dance around the edges of it—if they can. The floor stays this way until the next phase.

7.The Dive Phase-You quickly drop the tempo during the audio adventure so the passengers and you can take a break. This phase also allows the club to make more money on drinks. After this phase has ended, you quickly repeat phases 4 and 5 so you can get the passengers back to phase 6. You can accomplish this within two songs. Here’s an example: play a song that you know will pack the floor (phase 4), give your passengers the unexpected by echoing out part of the song and then let it continue to play (phase 5), you then use your creative mixing skills to introduce another hit song into the mix; consequently, you have quickly arrived at phase 6.

8.The Landing Phase-Just as a pilot gradually descends while landing, you also gradually slow down the tempo until the audio adventure has ended. Some of your passengers will leave the club before you have ended the audio adventure. Once the audio adventure is finally over, the other passengers will realize that it is time for them to also leave.

Since some phases require more explaining than others, I will address each phase separately. Therefore, look for future posts that explore each phase in more detail.


geposted Tue 22 Feb 05 @ 3:26 am
djmeHome userMember since 2005
what about people comming up to u and askin you to put them a song...isn't this very annoyin and especially when this person asks u 2 put him a song that cannot be played at thiscertain time...

geposted Mon 28 Feb 05 @ 9:46 pm
its very very annoyin ... lol ;)

and maybe the biggest dilemma for a club dj...
play what one or two guests are begging for, or play like you had planned to build the nite...

I usually respond " a bit later, I will play that song. I have promised a few cool house songs right now first..." :)

geposted Mon 28 Feb 05 @ 10:46 pm
One thing you can do is talk to the manger and suggest a sign be posted that informs everyone that the DJ will announce when he is taking request or you can have predetermined times posted on the sign that informs people when request will be taken. Certain times to consider are during the Arrival Phase, Waiting Phase, and Boarding Phase. If the requests made are appropriate for whatever phase you are in, then play them if you can. However, you wouldn’t play a slow song during the Boarding Phase. When you are asked to play a song that is not appropriate for a certain phase you are in, do what dj-in-norway suggested and inform the person you will play it later. A later phase would be the Dive Phase.

Requests can help you determine what to include in the audio adventure and what direction it should go in. Consequently, if done properly, requests can be very useful to a DJ. If you don’t have particular requests, politely inform the people you will try to have them the next time they come to the club. Therefore, make sure you write down request that you don’t have.

Another option is convincing the manager to post a sign that prohibits anyone from approaching the DJ for any reason. That manager might grant your request if the reason is valid; however, you will probably have to present a better reason than just people annoying you. If you decide on this option, consider having request slips and a request box. This allows people to write down their request on the request slips and put them into the request box. The request slips should have something stated on them that informs the people that the club values every request; therefore, the DJ will play different request each week. You can also use these slips as an incentive to get people to come to the club by awarding prizes for certain slips that are drawn out of the box each week—state on each slip that the person must be present if a slip is drawn to receive a prize. I think most managers would go for this because it creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.


geposted Tue 01 Mar 05 @ 1:33 am
good stuff OO

geposted Tue 01 Mar 05 @ 5:36 am


geposted Tue 01 Mar 05 @ 7:26 pm
some nice stuff man , thanks a lot

geposted Thu 10 Mar 05 @ 5:04 am
Thanks dude! Your thread is awesome. But just one question... what happens if you're mixing for a radio show? How do you proceed?

geposted Wed 30 Mar 05 @ 8:31 pm
Thanks for the compliments djsindrom and djservix. I will add more info soon. Regarding your question djservix, I had my own mix show on the radio before. However, that is a totally different topic from “Club Mixing”. You might want to start a “Radio Mixing” thread in this forum.


geposted Thu 31 Mar 05 @ 10:32 am
cerniusHome userMember since 2005

geposted Sun 24 Apr 05 @ 9:00 pm
JAWSHome userMember since 2005

geposted Sat 30 Apr 05 @ 2:45 pm
DJ-FixHome userMember since 2005
Hello i am DJ-Fix and i am new here!!!

geposted Mon 02 May 05 @ 10:45 pm
Welcome DJ-Fix!


geposted Mon 02 May 05 @ 10:49 pm
DJ-FixHome userMember since 2005
tnx!!! do i have 1 question do you mix on pc or on professional equipment?!(sorry my english is bad)!!!

geposted Tue 03 May 05 @ 3:40 pm
We all mix on pc... As we are virutal dj users.

Some of us have our pc connected to external mixers though... like me

Press my name, and you can see pictures of my setup at my club

by the way, welcome here, and hopefully you like the software enough to get the full version
The cracked version 2.01 is both outdated, and contains bugs


geposted Tue 03 May 05 @ 5:27 pm
@norway Did you grandmother bake a cookie of knowledge ? ;-)
I think you know what I mean ...

geposted Mon 16 May 05 @ 4:42 pm
yupp... my grandmother is the best ;)

But it has nothing to do with cookies ....hehe...

geposted Mon 16 May 05 @ 6:31 pm
DJ_unQHome userMember since 2005
YO! people :> 'sup? My name is Paul ... I'm from Romania and i'm new on this forum :)

geposted Fri 03 Jun 05 @ 12:24 pm
xeonPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004

geposted Fri 03 Jun 05 @ 4:16 pm
DJ_unQHome userMember since 2005
:) Yes, I did! I'm very pleased of VirtualDJ. NICE work!

geposted Sun 05 Jun 05 @ 11:04 am
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