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Custom Mappers
Downloads: 524

KORG nanoKONTROL Device Definition & Mapper. incl. Scene Data File for KontrolEditor. See Comments for more info.

Available on : PC Mac PC (32bit)


Downloads: 755

Play2Text may be usefull for professional broadcasters. It creates a text file or html file with the info of the currently playing track. It uses the history file to get those infos. As soon as VDJ writes to the history, the created file will update with t

Last update: Mon 21 Nov 16 @ 3:56 pm
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 Minimalist UX Wallpapers

Downloads: 4 070

Wallpaper pack for use for slideshow background for Minimalist UX video skin, for inspirations and quick-start before making more on your own ...

Last update: Sat 11 Aug 18 @ 10:09 pm
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