"I would start by saying, ever since I have use of reason I have loved music, media, and technology! DeeJaying just put all those things I love together!"

From an early age, Maximus★Moretta has wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry. Unaware of whether it were to sing, dance or act, DJ'ing, he found, he had a biological aptitude for. It was natural for him to be center stage conducting music; beat-mixing, blending, or mashing up songs specializing in the Latin genre. But don’t let that confuse you! Maximus is no stranger to any type of music, or any language it might be sung in! He is as comfortable as a fish in water...


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YO I'M ABOUT TO JUMP ON THAT MC6000.. Everyday i look at the forum to see what else people had wrote about the 6000 lol!!! pero na thanks for the info my dude.. STAY UP AND KEEP ROCKIN DA CROWD......1
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