Formerly a DJ in Canadian bars, nightclubs, and the occasional wedding, DJ JD (aka Supacon) has been keeping quiet lately working for a much loved software company in Norway.

Creator of VideoVision and CONDENSED skins. Try them out and let send any feedback you have.


djmikemagic schreiben an Sun 13 Jul 14
djmikemagic schreiben an Sun 13 Jul 14
I've been using Video Vision Skin since 2009 and I am still using today. I love it. I'm very satisfied with all the button configurations and layout. I'm very very surprised that more DJ's and VDJ's don't use this skin. Everything is at your fingertips. It's the BEST!! Do you think you will make an updated version for Version 8? If so, I'll be the first to download it.
chucknorrisyouwimps schreiben an Wed 25 Apr 12
hi Supacon. Thanks for the video vision 6 skin. I really like it. The color scheme is gr8, the cueing and looping are unusually good , and the buttons for fx are awesome. i really like the comments in the artist display also; and is it me or is the resolution both onscreen and in the previews extra sharp ?? really appreciate it , gr8 work
thetracker510 schreiben an Thu 18 Feb 10
Super Sexy Skin! thanks again!