Started to Dj in 1995 on vinyl, moved to CD in 1998. Then I went to DVS in 2006 but now I am loving multi deck HID. (With mp3's on CD as back up)

Started out playing parties for friends, then moved onto bars and clubs in my home town Swansea.

I have also worked in Clubs and bars in Bridgend, Newport, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Wycombe, Northallerton, Majorca, Falklands and the Middle East.

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deejay burn schreiben an Thu 30 Jun 16
hey dj , you have the link for dowload , ima one usuary pro infinity , nead one good skin, this is good job..send me ok man
deejay burn schreiben an Thu 30 Jun 16
congratulations this new skin virtual dj , i nead one this.
djmusicmanc schreiben an Wed 07 Aug 13
Hey wassup! I was wondering if you still had the skin you made that looks like the Serato layout and if so do you have it for Mac? link me at djmusicmanc@live.com ps:I liked that skin with the light blue top before you changed it...
Rnow3 schreiben an Mon 18 Feb 13
Ok, thanks for the reply and add.
djsureshot1973 schreiben an Wed 13 Feb 13
what's good homie, would you happen to have a 2 deck skin that I could use? I am using VDJ PRO all the time, oh and like you can't stand traktor. I use Numark TTX, American Auido DV2, Shure m-447's and Serato CV version two.
Rnow3 schreiben an Thu 07 Feb 13
Hi just found your CDJ Extension skin and think its great when using it with my DDJ SX thank you for that. I also wanted to know if it was possible to use it with 4 decks or is there a 4 deck version you have for it.
ianmelville schreiben an Wed 03 Oct 12
@charlesaca2002 posted on your wall
charlesaca2002 schreiben an Tue 02 Oct 12
Hello good day, can I pls download the Rekord box skin that you made, it looks fantastic. Keep up the good work :) djcharlesdavid11@yahoo.com
ianmelville schreiben an Wed 26 Sep 12
Thanks and thanks for the add
LPspinner schreiben an Mon 17 Sep 12
nice gear
ianmelville schreiben an Tue 12 Jun 12
sent you a PM mate @james
James438 schreiben an Mon 11 Jun 12
Alright mate, I remember when I came up I seen you had VDJ set up to display the key in the number format e.g. 1A etc how do I change VDJ to this format or is it contained within a skin?
ianmelville schreiben an Sat 14 Apr 12
@koryyy - sorry that skin was not allowed and is only for personal use
dj koryyy schreiben an Fri 13 Apr 12
I need some serato for vdj plz i have my licence @ianmelville
ianmelville schreiben an Wed 14 Mar 12
sorry that skin was not allowed and is only for personal use