VirtualDJ not found when installing plugin

Q. I get a message saying 'VirtualDJ Not Found' when I try to install a plugin.

When you try to install an older add-on, you may get the error message: VirtualDJ Not Found.

This is because the installer for VirtualDJ v7.0.3 and above has changed. On PC, Microsoft's standard .MSI format is now used. On Mac, the default folder location has changed to be compliant with Apple's App Store.

Some older plugins are not compatible with this due to their old installer.

To fix this problem, you will need to install VirtualDJ v7.0.2, then install the latest version again (Install over the top of v7.0.2, do not remove it.)

If you do not have VirtualDJ v7.0.2, please contact support (You will need to be a registered licensed user who has purchased the software.)

NOTE: On Mac, the new folder location is now /users/YOURNAME/Library/VirtualDJ. The old location used to be /users/YOURNAME/Documents/VirtualDJ. If you can't see or find the Library folder, please see: MAC. Reveal hidden Library folder

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