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Topic: Pioneer DDJ-T1 Enhanced Controller Mapper v8
Pioneer DDJ-T1 Enhanced Controller Mapper v8.0
Forum thread: http://www.virtualdj.com/forums/173945/Hardware_Technical_Support/HID_Definition_implementation.html

Fully functional definition/mapper set for the DDJ-T1, includes the following features:

- For VirtualDj 8
- Used all bits of resolution on the jog wheels and pitch sliders
- All panels defined and mapable
- All buttons defined and mapable
- All LED indicators defined and mapable, and yes... including the elusive Jog Ring

Many thanks to Atomix Support Staff and to DjTechie (TechNZ) who helped me out with the HID definition build-up. Due credit to PhantomDeejay as I used some of his previous mapper work from the DDJ-SX project to save time on the mapper portion.

*** See documentation for the full mapping layout ***

Additional notes:
- I was not able to make the controller report the "Change of Decks" state, as a workaround I assigned the ACTIVE button to perform the foreground leftdeck/rightdeck function. Not an issue for skins that show all 4 decks in full or skins that are 2 decks only.
- Works with the standard 2/2-4 swap/4 deck skins and the DN-MC6000 Pro+ v8 skin
- You will need to install the FlanJet (TexZK) effects to use the premapped buttons assigned to them.
- Bug reports or feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

*** IMPORTANT***: If you have other DDJ-T1 defs/mappers installed, it is recommended that you remove those before installing this mapper set, otherwise you might get unexpected controller behaviour.
Just run the downloaded package, it should automatically put the definition file in the DEVICES folder and the mapper file in the MAPPERS folder. If successful, you will see: "Pioneer DDJ-T1 by Zacek100 v8.x" in CONFIG/MAPPERS screen.

geposted Sun 20 Jul 14 @ 10:45 am
its not working for me.

geposted Sun 02 Nov 14 @ 9:13 pm
i ran the installer but it wont work even though it says install complete. mapping xml says...XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Location: file:///C:/Users/Pitchcontrol/Documents/VirtualDJ/Mappers/Pioneer%20DDJ-T1%20mapping%20v8.0.xml
Line Number 4, Column 45: <map value="SELECT_L" action="select & leftdeck" />

geposted Wed 05 Nov 14 @ 9:57 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Try to open the xml file with a Text or XML Editor and change that line to ..

<map value="SELECT_L" action="select &amp; leftdeck" />

geposted Thu 06 Nov 14 @ 9:25 pm
Did they ever figure out the jog wheel ring? How to make it spin as the song plays? and how to time it with the skin?

geposted Wed 19 Nov 14 @ 2:17 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
As far as i can see in the mapping file the Leds of the jog are mapped as get rotation, so they should follow the spinner of the skin. No ?

geposted Wed 19 Nov 14 @ 12:41 pm
It will not open I get the following error message:
his page contains the following errors:

error on line 4 at column 45: xmlParseEntityRef: no name
Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

geposted Wed 20 Apr 16 @ 3:38 am
no puedo instalar el software del virtual dj 8, al querer abrirlo por primera vez me aparece un recuadro que dice: DirectX fallo al iniciar. Instale los drivers actualizados de su tarjeta de video desde la pagina del fabricante !
Aparte no me han dado ningun codigo ni nungun numero de licencia, y ya la compre hace dias.

geposted Tue 25 Oct 16 @ 4:06 pm
Does anyone know why when i am playing 2 tracks and load number 3 and try and spin the jogwheel on 3, track number 2 moves instead? Appreciate all help.

geposted Sun 01 Sep 19 @ 12:49 pm
You already posted about this here.


geposted Sun 01 Sep 19 @ 4:27 pm