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Topic: Mapping for stanton djc-4
P.droteControlleristMember since 2015

geposted Wed 07 Nov 18 @ 1:09 pm
P.droteControlleristMember since 2015
This mapping modify fx function in stanton DJC.4 and remove video controls by other functions

-Fx- modified to match the skin stanton djc.4 By P.drote (shift+knobb second parameter)
-Browser knobb- modified to also control the different panels
-Video knobb- modified for control of sandbox, prelisten, prelisten position, zoom wave.
-Smart fade/xfader link- modified for activate line in1 deck 3/line in2 deck4
-Shift+sampler - play stutter
-Sync butons led- mark BPM in real time
-Shift+load- unload

geposted Wed 07 Nov 18 @ 3:03 pm
P.droteControlleristMember since 2015
V1.2 add

-Cue/play butons- modified to obey the configuration of Virtualdj (play options)


geposted Fri 16 Nov 18 @ 4:12 pm
P.droteControlleristMember since 2015

geposted Fri 16 Nov 18 @ 4:22 pm
P.droteControlleristMember since 2015
V1.3 add

-Smart fade/xfader link- modified for alternate wave view in new panel: minimalist design (V3.0 skin Stanton DJC-4 By Pdrote)
-shift Smart fade/shift xfader link- modified for activate line in1 deck 3/line in2 deck4


geposted Mon 26 Nov 18 @ 5:32 pm
P.droteControlleristMember since 2015

This mapping version is for the skin STANTON DJC-4 By Pdrote V4.0 or above, some controls not function in older versions:

Complete list of changes:

-(FX) Modified to match the skin, (shift+Knobb) second parameter.

-(BROWSER KNOBB) Modified for control the different skin designs and better browser control. (shift+rotate) move in folders list, (shift+press, in folder list) open-close folders, (shift+press, in tracklist or sideview) change the control between the tracklist or the sideview, (rotate) move in track list or sideview, (press) change the different skin designs.

-(SHIFT+A-C LOAD BUTTON) In tracklist: add track to sidelist. In sideview: clear sidelist.

-(SHIFT+B-D LOAD BUTTON) In tracklist: add track to automix. In sideview: clear automix.

-(SYNC BUTTON LED) Mark BPM in real time.


-(CUE AND SAMPLER BUTTONS) 1-8 pads when pads mode is selected in the skin

-(SHIFT+LOOP HALF/LOOP DOUBLE BUTTONS) In default buttons mode: previous sampler bank/next sampler bank. In pads mode: previous pads page/next pads page.

-(SHIFT+SCRATCH “VINYL”) The smart scratch function has been replaced by slip mode.

-(VIDEO KNOBB) Modified for control of sandbox, prelisten, pre-listen position, wave zoom. (press) activate/deactivate sandbox, (rotate) adjust zoom wave, (shift+press) activate/deactivate pre-listen, (shift+rotate) move pre-listen position

-(SMART FADE/XFADER) Alternate between song info/song wave. In 4 deck minimalist design panel: alternate between wave view per-deck/dual.

-(SHIFT SMART FADE/XFADER) Activate line in 1 deck3/line in 2 deck 4.

The version with video controls also available:

geposted Fri 07 Dec 18 @ 4:55 pm