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Topic: Loop Roll

geposted Thu 22 Nov 18 @ 3:05 pm

How about a "SLIP ROLL" effect like Pioneer DDJ1000 native effect.



geposted Wed 02 Sep 20 @ 9:24 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
typical of pioneer, take a second method of how to use an effect and call it a new fx.

I use the loop method
loop 0 & loop 1

fx method, has fx beats changed ? turn fx off & back on

geposted Wed 02 Sep 20 @ 9:45 pm

i don't understand.

How can i clone the existing "loop Roll" effects, to add it in DDJ1000 mapping, and display it in the screen of DDJ1000 as "SLIP ROLL" on the DDJ1000 screen?

It's is possible ?

So difficult for Atomix to ass a fx directly named "slip Roll" ?

i've the same problem with " LOW CUT ECHO" on my DDJ1000

i want to assign the existing ECHO effect of VDJ on DDJ1000 maping, with a fixed low pass parameter and new name "LOW CUT ECHO" for the DDJ1000 screen.
And keep the classic "ECHO" on 2 position, with lowpass to 0, of DDJ1000 selector. Have both predefined effects ; "ECHO" and "LOW CUT ECHO" like DDJ1000 and reckordbox.

it's is possible ?

In other words, i want on my VDJ mapping for DDJ1000, the same quality effect from REKORDBOX, excactly, and , for example, a SPIRAL effects working with beats not %.

Possible in near future ? or can i clone an existing effects and add it with another name, and map in DDJ1000 ? and DDJ1000 screen ?

I find the Pionner effects for DDJ1000 cleaner with Rekordbox.

But i don't want to use REKORDBOX, because the AUDIO engine of VirtualDJ, the. CPU performance and AUDIO drivers management are better, ant Stems are incredible....

But classical FX, and Waveform UI, in VDJ could be improved, like the new "ECHO out" added :)




geposted Thu 03 Sep 20 @ 11:52 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
virtualfx would cover a lot of it, you'd have to be smart with the controller remapping, probably worth your time figuring it out.

geposted Thu 03 Sep 20 @ 12:21 pm

Can't use VIRTUALFX on MAC. (only on PC)

a soluce ? to have native SLIP ROLL on my DDJ 1000 ?



geposted Wed 13 Apr 22 @ 8:42 pm