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Topic: Bring the best of the new Pioneer S11 to the Rane 72, making it better on VDJ than Serato
The Seventy Two is already better on VDJ than Serato in many ways. The Pioneer S11 has just been released, and has some amazing ideas that solve pain points with scratch mixers. I think all or nearly all can be implemented with VDJScript, which would make the 72 considerably better on VDJ than Serato!

Issue 1: The workflow for DJs that scratch within a set, is load a track and play it, navigate to scratch crate, load scratch track, find cue, scratch, navigate back to tune crate, navigate to next tune, in time to load, sync and bring in the next tune. It is a lot of clicks and scrolls that don't leave a lot of time for scratching and can leave you stranded in the wrong crate if you mess your timing up. The S11 introduces a 'scratch bank' - each button loads a fixed tune and jumps to a preset cue for scratching, then shift plus the button restores the previous track to the deck. I think VDJ can do this with something like `shift ? load $prev : $prev = track & load 'scratches.mp3' & cue 2`.

Issue 2: Another issue is, having only two channels is pretty restrictive, particularly when one is taken up with scratch traffic, or when doing complex layered mixes, eg, a texture layer, beat or an acapella. The S11 introduces the ability to move a live deck to a 3rd or 4th deck in the software, which I think could be just mapping a clone then eject in VDJ (assuming I can route decks 3 and 4 into the 72, maybe session in, ideally also cloning mixer settings into VDJ software settings?). In fact I think we could go one better, by having the reverse also mapped, that brings the track back onto the mixer for mixing out.

Issue 3: When using paddles or buttons rather than knobs to activate effects, they turn on and off very suddenly, which can be jarring. The S11 has a smoothing function which ramps them on and off. Is this possible in VDJ? (There is a bug in the 72 mapping here - if you activate effects, the channel level is reduced slightly to compensate. If you then deactivate effects with just the paddle, the level remains dipped - you have to turn off the effects buttons individually to get your volume back.) Related, the S11 lets you add swing to the echo. It sounds great! Is there this in VDJ?

Issue 4: The S11 crate view also shows BPM and key next to tracks. Is it possible to customize the visualization? (Appreciate you need a license for mapper customization.)

Issue 5: On almost all mixes out, unless I've cut or filtered them to nothing, I'll want a little 1 beat echo tail, which is a few clicks per track on a scratch mixer. The S11 automates this entirely, so you don't need to add the effect, turn it on, etc each time - the echo effect turns on by default when a channel fader is reduced to zero, the crossfader is on the other side, or cue or load is pressed. I think this could be added by setting a local variable `$fading_out=1` at say 97%, then turning the echo on at 98% if `$fading_out=1`, then setting `$fading_out=0` at 99%. This way the effect would catch the track before it is cut, and only activate when the track is being faded out, not in.

Issue 6: Often you want a couple pad pages available - on the S11 you can click the first page, then while holding that down click a second page, and then top row is the first page and the bottom row the second. Pretty sure this can be done with the pads editor and global variables being set when a page button is being pressed - bit laborious but a nifty and intuitive use of pad page button combos.

Anyone any tips on implementing these? Do they sound plausible?

geposted Thu 15 Oct 20 @ 5:02 pm
I already used Deck 3 and 4 into sampler Channel 5&6 assigned in audio section and if i want to manipulate them as a real deck with the rane twelve platter just hit the deck 3 or 4 Everything work fluently from 1 yo 3 or 2 to 4 playing simultaneously.
I already mapped custom pad 1234 as hot cue and 5678 as sampler.
Rane associated to Virtual DJ already propose S11 "innovation"
But they did a good job to default mapped those one

geposted Thu 22 Oct 20 @ 10:18 pm
Yes! The S11 has some amazing new features that Virtual could probably recreate it easily and show all the non virtual DJ users how powerful the software is & that you don't need to always buy the latest & greatest hardware when you have Virtual DJ. I will love to see the scratch sampler feature & smooth echo options from the new pioneer S11. Are we currently able to lock two decks together like an instrumental & acapella to manipulate with one deck/platter?

geposted Sun 25 Oct 20 @ 9:23 pm
Quote :
that you don't need to always buy the latest & greatest hardware when you have Virtual DJ.
Correct. For the next mixer I will just think about one question: Witch one has more knobs?

Quote :
I will love to see the scratch sampler feature
You can use hot cue pad pages as scratch sample bank.

Quote :
& smooth echo options
take a look to the MixFx. It will also generate some similar echo or loopouts, when you move the crossfader.

Quote :
Are we currently able to lock two decks together like an instrumental & acapella to manipulate with one deck/platter?
With the stems EQ or with the stems pad page you are able to do this with one deck, but, yes, you can use the mapping to control two decks at once. As example for the play button:
var „$doublemodeleft“ ? deck 1 play & deck 3 play : deck 1 play


geposted Mon 26 Oct 20 @ 6:34 am