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Topic: VST3 Support
Does VirtualDJ STILL not support VST3?

geposted Mon 08 Feb 21 @ 12:01 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Which plugin do you have that is available in vst3 but not vst2?

geposted Mon 08 Feb 21 @ 2:28 am
Every Presonus plugin. I'm not sure why that matters? The question was why doesn't VirtualDJ support VST3 has been the latest version for years.

geposted Mon 08 Feb 21 @ 2:49 pm
igual ando viendo que no trabaja el vst3

geposted Tue 24 Aug 21 @ 7:19 pm
I insert vst 3 pluigin in soundeffect file,after that virtual dj doesnt open

geposted Mon 24 Oct 22 @ 3:04 pm