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Topic: Virtual DJ 8 (2021) and Compatibility with Rane MP25 Digital Mixer
I use my new Dell computer with an I7 processor and 16 Gigs of Ram along with my Rane MP25 Mixer to play music at weddings. But, I have two major issues that I never have. I don't think it is my computer because it happens on an older computer that I have too.

1) If I am connected to the interenet, Virtual DJ is slow that I can't see what I type into it untill 2 or 3 seconds later. It also becomes irresponsive and gives me the spinning icon telling me that it is overloaded some way. When I am not connected to the interenet, VDJ works just fine and is plenty fast.

2) If I am connected to the interenet and running VDJ, the output signal will mysteriously drop and some point while I am playing music. It might happen in 20 minutes or it might happen two hours later, but it always happens. To fix the problem, I have to unplug my mixer and restart VDJ (not good when trying to run a show).

Please guide me on how to fix these issues. I have had the problem for a long time and just don't normal connect to the interenet, but I am at the point where I would like to have the internet in case I need to download a song while DJing.

geposted Wed 13 Oct 21 @ 1:44 pm