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Topic: Playlist will not save
I'm trying to organize my playlist for a gig in February. I created a Virtual Folder and Playlist with same list of songs. Utimately, I decided to go with Playlist folder but having issues saving the rearranged list of songs. Here are the steps I take: From the Playlist folder, I right click on the named folder. Click on Load in Automix. Make my changes then click save using the same file name. I clear the Automix then close Virtual DJ. Upon open the program, the songs I rearranged, deleted or etc did not change. When I right click on Load in Automix, the changes are there in Automix but not in my Playlist Folder. What am I don't wrong? Also, I cannot save any changes within the Virtual Folder either.

geposted Tue 04 Jan 22 @ 10:40 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Maybe you sorted the playlist?
Right click the column header and select reset sort order

geposted Wed 05 Jan 22 @ 4:08 am
I've tried several times to reset sort order. The list of songs reverted back to their original order and not the order I want them. However, when I Load in Automix, they appear in the order I want them in. This is driving me crazy.

geposted Wed 05 Jan 22 @ 12:41 pm
Enable "Order" column on main view and then sort by that column

Also while the list is sorted by "Order" column on main browser window you can drag / rearrange the songs to new position and the playlist will save automatically.
This doesn't apply if the playlist is sorted by ANY other column.

geposted Wed 05 Jan 22 @ 1:33 pm
Hi PhantomDeeJay

where does the waveform come from in the picture?
right side

read now - is still to come?

geposted Wed 05 Jan 22 @ 8:51 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
BUILD 6794 (2022-01-04)

geposted Wed 05 Jan 22 @ 9:21 pm
Hi LocoDog
when downloading I only get:
I'll wait and see
But thanks

geposted Wed 05 Jan 22 @ 10:27 pm
Build 6794 is currently an "Early Access" build.
Unless no serious issues are found it will become a "public" build in a week or so.

geposted Wed 05 Jan 22 @ 11:48 pm

geposted Thu 06 Jan 22 @ 6:59 pm
here is THE fix back from some years ago. I tried EVERYTHING on my Mac until i found this and hey presto!

Problems with saving the changes done in DB is usually due to folder or file permissions.
If you user account (win/mac) has no write permission to the file or folder where the local database is

Check both the folder (Windows -> my documents/virtualdj ) and the file itself (database xml at same location)

See here :

hopefully that fixes it

geposted Wed 27 Sep 23 @ 11:03 am