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Forum: Wishes and new features

Topic: Improvements to the info panel
The gender drop down list should allow multiple selections, just like the user hastags drop down list, as gender is also a multi-valued field separated by (;). For all tracks where I want to insert more than one genre, it is necessary to always go into manual editing and type the full name of the genre, a waste of time.

Currently the genre drop down list is a list of genres that I'm not quite sure where it comes from, maybe a collection of all genres from a certain group of my files in one or more folders.

This list should be fully customizable, as well as the drop down list for the user hashtags, through the edit command. The genre's edit command, brings only a frustratingly simple edit box.

The icing on the cake: these drop down lists should also be implemented in the tag editor panel, for both gender and user hashtags, with the same list editing and multiple selection functionality. Although I currently use the info panel a lot more than the tag editor. I find a real blessing this kind of quick editing of some fields like rating and hashtags via the info panel. Thank you very much.

geposted Thu 06 Jan 22 @ 3:29 pm