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Forum: Wishes and new features

Topic: resolume inegration
as of today we have syphon and POI's, as a DJ and VJ its been great!
... but syphon is well just syphon and POI's to midi is the clunky-est hassle everrr
i feel like i have one foot in the virtualdj door and the other half still hanging out due to the gap in integration between djing and vjing

can we plz have support for pioneer bridge / show kontrol & denon stagelinq or similar?
being able to do more than spit a pre-recorded video out to resolume or fight with the freestyler plugin to send midi's wherever would be the best! maybe then i could run my big generative resolume compositions running a tonne of layers, dmx universes etc and deliver the associated video candy some of my dj sets deserve

maybe virtualdj could have its own virtual network interface and protocol to talk resolume?
-additionally, individual stem outputs to resolume could really set a 'Virtualdj' protocol apart from the rest with the ability to get more enhanced & grainy control of your video compositions

geposted Wed 08 Jun 22 @ 4:21 am
I run Resolume and VDJ at the same time, and feed the output of Resolume into VDJ - so the video out of VDJ (to a stream in my case) comes from Resolume and the audio from VDJ.

geposted Wed 08 Jun 22 @ 5:43 pm
yeah i run Res and VDJ at the same time too and am sure others do as well, but that's not the issue nor the feature request...

I'de like to see the VDJ & resolume relationship be a little more synonymous, less cumbersome to use/setup & orchestrate.
basically it being tits-magee to compared to its competitors ( bridge/showkontrol ) with a better feature set and lots of power to do much more !
haha, now im sound like the VDJ main page spiel

i mean shit, VDJ is all about feature set right ?
but as of now only pioneer and denon are officially the only ones rly integrated into resolume...
i say onwards and upwards!

geposted Mon 13 Jun 22 @ 9:47 am