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Topic: Help with spout pluggin
So I have no idea how to set this up, There's a git hub page, I've downloaded every thing and put it in a folder and tried bott visualiser and video effects folders for virtual dj. But no luck, The git hub page says I should have VDJSpoutReceiver64.dll (I only want virtual dj to receiv video input) But that file doesn't seem to be on the page. Im very lost. Any one have this working for Vdj 2020 who can help me out?

geposted Mon 05 Sep 22 @ 8:31 pm
Sorry that the documentation is out of date. This is a direct link to the latest release:


Unzip it and you will find Win32 and x64 folders. The x64 files are re-named.

Copy SpoutReceiver.dll to : Documents > VirtualDJ > Plugins64 > Visualisations

When you activate the plugin from within Virtual DJ, it will receive from the first Spout sender running.

geposted Thu 08 Sep 22 @ 8:21 am