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Topic: Asio Problem beim 2 Prime Denon
Hallo alle,
mein Virtual erkennt den Prime 2 nicht.
Schreibt Asio Treiber initialisieren....
Wer kann mir bitte helfen?

geposted Wed 12 Oct 22 @ 12:44 pm
Bitte mehr Infos zu Gerät, Betriebssystem usw.

geposted Wed 12 Oct 22 @ 2:06 pm
When the Prime 2 is powered on, it will be set to Standalone/Engine mode. To switch to Computer mode and control VirtualDJ you need to ...
- press on the Computer icon at the Prime 2 screen
- or hold down for a second the VIEW button at the center-top panel of the device, select SOURCE, then pres on the Computer icon.

Ist bekannt?

geposted Wed 12 Oct 22 @ 7:56 pm

geposted Thu 02 Feb 23 @ 9:09 pm