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Topic: denon prime 4 jog display
Is there any alternative to put my logo on the denon prime 4 jog display?

geposted Wed 25 Jan 23 @ 12:57 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
No, currently there is no way to do this

geposted Wed 25 Jan 23 @ 2:34 pm
U can User a workaround, Change every Cover to your Logo.

I want to see the time, bpm, pitch, and Key in the jog Display.

But in the Moment i havnt much time to find a solution.

geposted Wed 25 Jan 23 @ 2:52 pm
Yesterday i have take a look in the Mapping of the Deck Screens, i think its possible to edit the Field Cover with your Logo.
Now i have to Test to add least time, bpm and Key changing every 4 Beats or Seconds.
But If Loop activate, than Shows the Numbers of this.

geposted Sun 29 Jan 23 @ 9:49 pm