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Topic: VDJ 8055/56 Skin on Denon SC6000 ist not working in 4-Deck Mode / Color mode does not switch the colors.
1) In earlier versions, I could freely assign the deck layers at the top and bottom of the SC6000 display. Now I can only select the deck at the top, but no longer at the bottom of the display. There I can only select "Controller Deck+Master" or "other Deck". No matter what I choose, the display does not switch to 4 deck mode, even though I have selected this mode in VDJ. The problem is independent of the loaded skin. I have tried it with DennYo Controller Skin and with the skin from Orange Juice.

2) If I select a different waveform color mode for the DennYo or OrangeJuice skins, VDJ does not switch the colors.

best regards, Marco


geposted Thu 11 Apr 24 @ 9:50 am