Using Stems

What are stems

'Stems' refers to the individual parts of a track that put together make the song, such as the vocals, the instruments, the drums, etc.
VirtualDJ 2021 uses advanced technology and the power of today's computers to instantly separate any loaded track into these basic components, in real-time. This opens the door to new ways of mixing that were simply not possible before, and will forever change the way DJs mix. Weither to perform live mashups and remixes, or enhanced seemless transitions, mixes made by DJs using VirtualDJ 2021 just sound better than what can be achieved on older software or hardware, no matter the DJ's skills.

How to use

In order to take full advantage of the new stem-based equalizers, we recommend using a 4-deck midi mixer.
This way, you can keep the traditional frequency-based equalizers on the central channels, and use the eq knobs of the outer channels 3 & 4, in order to control the stem-based EQs.

Three modes can be chosen from, depending on your DJing level:

- EZRemix: With separate controls for the vocals, instruments, and beat, this mode lets you instantly play with your track and perform cool mashups and remixes on the fly. Turning the knobs to the left will reduce this stem in the mix, while turning to the right will isolate this stem.

- ModernEQ: This mode give more control to advanced DJs, with separation between hihats and kicks. It will feel familiar and natural if you were used to frequency-based EQs. This mode is great to perform seamless transitions, where you can control the 'energy' of your tracks, by adjusting each side's hihats, while ensuring the kicks don't interfer with each others. The middle knob will let you adjust both the vocals and melody to avoid clashes. Turning the middle knob to the full left will kill both the melody and vocals. Half-way to the left will kill only the vocals. While turning to the right will first boost a little the vocal, and all the way will kill the melody.

- Stems: Using all 5 knobs on your mixer, including gain and filter, you can control each of the main 5 stems individually, boosting or lowering each component.

Alternatively, if your mixer has only 2 decks or isn't midi, or if you prefer instant on/off, you can also use the PADS buttons, to quickly kill or isolate each stems at the touch of a button.

Select "stems" in the pads page drop-down to load the stems controls.