Hardware Manuals

Denon DJ - MC-2000  


Step 1. Connections

Connect the MC-2000 to a USB port of your computer using the provided USB cable. Connect a pair of amplified speakers to the Master Output at the rear panel of the unit and your Headphones at the front socket.

Step 2. Drivers

Windows : Download and install the Denon ASIO drivers from https://www.denondj.com/downloads#legacy
Mac OSX : No drivers is required to be installed for Mac OSX computers.

Step 3. VirtualDJ

Install VirtualDJ 8 from http://www.virtualdj.com/download/index.html (in case you have not done already)

Start VirtualDJ and login with your Account credentials. A Pro Infinity, Pro Subscription or Plus MC-2000 Controller License is required.

Find a detailed installation procedure at http://www.virtualdj.com/manuals/virtualdj8/quickstart.html

Detection Window
A detection window will appear when the unit is first connected with VirtualDJ, verifying proper connection

Click on the Use Soundcard button in order VirtualDJ to apply the pre-defined audio configuration using the built-in sound-card of the unit. Speakers need to be connected to the rear panel of the unit in this case.

Click to OK

The unit is now ready to operate with VirtualDJ.


The unit has a pre-defined Audio setup and a special button in the AUDIO tab of Config to provide that.

For further software settings please refer to the User Guide of VirtualDJ 8.