Hardware Manuals

Numark - iDJ Live II  


  1. PLAY. Plays / Pauses the track.

  2. GOTO Cue . Press this button to return the track to a stored Cue Point. (If you did not set a Cue Point, then it will return to the beginning of the track.).

    If the Deck is paused, you can press and hold the button to play the track from the Cue Point. Releasing the Cue Button will return the track to the Cue Point and pause it. To continue playback without returning to the Cue Point, press and hold the Cue button, then press the Play Button, and then release both buttons.

  3. SET Cue . Press this button to store the current track position to a Cue Point.

  4. SYNC. Press this button to automatically match the corresponding deck's tempo with the opposite deck's (or the Master Deck’s if using a 4 decks Skin) tempo and phase.
    Hold the button for more than 1 second to instantly reset the tempo of the track to its original value.

  5. JOG. Touch sensitive jogwheel. Use the jogwheel to Scratch (if Vinyl mode is selected) or pitch bend. Hold SHIFT down and then use the jogwheel to fast seek through the track.

  6. PITCHBEND-/+. Press and hold down these buttons to temporary slowdown or speedup the song while pressed. When released, the track playback will return to the speed designated by the current pitch value

  7. VOLUME. Use this knob to adjust the Volume of the left and right decks

  8. EQ TREBBLE. Adjusts the middle (mid) and high (treble) frequencies of the left and right decks.

  9. EQ BASS. Adjusts the low (bass) frequencies of the left and right decks.

  10. CROSSFADER. Blends audio between the left and right decks.

  11. Scratch . Press this button to set both left and right Jogwheels to Vinyl ( Scratch ) or CD (Bend) mode. In Vinyl mode, use the outer part of the Jogwheel to bend (temporary speed up – slow down the tempo of the track).
    Hold the same button down for more than 1 second to set both Jogwheels to Search (Seek) mode and use the Jogwheels to fast seek through the track. The Led of the Scratch button will blink to indicate this mode. Press the same button again to set the Jogwheels back to Jog (Vinyl or CD) mode.

  12. LOAD. Press these buttons to load the selected track from Browser to the left or right deck. Hold the same buttons down for more than 1 second to unload the same deck.

  13. BROWSE. Use this encoder to scroll through files or folders depending on the focused Browser window.
    Push the encoder to set focus to the next available Browser window.
    If focus is on the Folders list, push and hold the Encoder for more than 2 seconds to open/close subfolders.

  14. Master VOLUME: Adjusts the Master Output Volume

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