Hardware Manuals

Numark - NS7 III - Layout  


  1. CROSSFADER. Blends audio between the channels assigned to the left and right side of the crossfader.

  2. VOLUME. Volume Faders ( Mixer channel order is 3-1-2-4 decks). Note that the faders will continue to alter the sound of the corresponding software deck, if the PC-MIC2-LINE switchers are on MIC2 or LINE position.

  3. INPUT SELECTOR. Set this switch to the desired audio source from this channel: PC (a track playing on that layer in the software), Mic 2 or Line (a device connected to the Mic 2 Input or Line Input on NS7III's rear panel). Note: the software deck will still be outputted on Master Output if the switcher is on MIC2 or LINE position.

    PFL Press these buttons to send this channel's pre-fader signal to the Cue Channel for monitoring. When engaged, the button will be lit. By pressing one PFL button at a time, you will Cue that channel alone (and deactivate PFL monitoring for the other channels). To Cue to multiple channels simultaneously, press the PFL buttons for those channels at the same time.

  4. FILTER. Applies a resonance Filter on the software decks. Depending on the FILTER MODE (27) The Filter knob also offers 2 additional functions.

    On FILTER ROLL Mode, the knob applies a Loop Roll as well. The size of the Loop roll starts from 1/2 beat and ends to 1/16 beat (left or right end position)

    On FILTER FX Mode the knob also controls the 1st parameter of the selected effect. On zero position the effect slider gets value 0%, and at the right/left end positions the parameter gets value 100%.

  5. EQ. Adjusts the high (treble) / middle (mid) / low (bass) frequencies. When Touch EQ Mode is activated, touching those knobs will mute the corresponding channel's high/mid/low frequencies (aka "EQ kill").

    Press this button to enable the FX TOUCH Mode. On this Mode the Touch Capacitors of the FX knobs trigger the Effects while touched.

    Press and hold SHIFT and then this button to enable the EQ/FX TOUCH Mode. Led will blink to indicate this mode. On this Mode, the Touch Capacitors of the FX knobs (35) trigger the Effects while touched (same as FX TOUCH Mode), and additionally the EQ Touch Capacitors will kill the corresponding frequencies while touched.

  7. FILTER MODE. Press this button to enable the FILTER ROLL Mode (LED lights on). Holding SHIFT down, the button enables the FILTER FX Mode (LED Flashes). See FILTER (24)

  8. GAIN. Adjusts the audio level (gain) of the corresponding channel in the software or hardware Input.

  9. BEATDIFF BAR. This meter is an aid for matching the CBG of both decks. When the white center LED is lit, the CBGs of the left and right selected decks are matched. Otherwise, the meter will tend towards the faster deck. The further from center, the greater the difference between the two BPMs.

  10. Master VOLUME : Adjusts the Master Output Volume (Hardware operation but movement will be visible on the VirtualDJ GUI)

  11. BOOTH VOLUME. Adjusts the Booth Output Volume (Hardware operation. Movement will not be visible on the VirtualDJ GUI)