Hardware Manuals

Reloop - RP-8000MK2  

Hardware Controls

Below is a short description for the basic Hardware controls of the Reloop RP-8000MK2 hybrid turntable. Further details can be found in the Instructions manual https://www.reloop.com/media/custom/upload/Reloop-238668_Reloop_IM.pdf

  1. START/STOP. Start/stop the record.

  2. SPEED. Select a speed of 33, 45 or 78 RPM (if both buttons are pressed simultaneously).

  3. REVERSE. Press this button to reverse the playback. Press again for normal playback.

  4. ON/OFF SWITCH. Turn anti-clockwise to power off and clock-wise to power on the unit.

  5. PITCH. Adjust the tempo of the playing track. The pitch value will be displayed on the LCD *.

  6. RESET. Use this button to deactivate the pitch adjustment (the LED will be turned on). By pressing again the fine adjustment will be re-activated, the turntable will return to the speed set via the pitch fader and the LED will turn off. The LED will be lit when in original pitch and when pitch fine adjustment is deactivated; when the pitch differs, it will go out.

  7. PITCH RANGE. Select a pitch range of +-8%, +-16% or +-50% (if both buttons are pressed simultaneously). The selection will also change the pitch-range of the assigned VirtualDJ deck, but not vice-versa

  8. TORQUE /BRAKE ADJUST. Use the BRAKE ADJUST knob to adjust the motor‘s stop time in a range of 0.0 (dial to the left - instant stop) up to 6 seconds (dial to the right).
    Use the TORQUE knob to adjust the motor‘s torque in a range of 80 up to 100.

Note that each one of the previously mentioned controls is capable of sending MIDI messages and those are pre-defined but most of them are not assigned to any VirtualDJ script action, since those will still keep controlling the hardware features of the unit,

VirtualDJ Controls