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Reloop - Terminal Mix 4  

Advanced Setup

The Terminal Mix 4 offers 2 stereo Inputs. A LINEIN at the rear side (Input Channels 1 and 2) and a Microphone Input at the front (Input channels 3 and 4). Each one of the Inputs can be routed through the Master Output directly (front switchers to MST position) or through VirtualDJ (front switchers to SW position). A Level knob for each Input is offered to adjust its Input Volume.

Recording & Broadcasting

The unit offers the ability to record the Master Output along with the Microphone and LINE Inputs directly from VirtualDJ record button (in the Master center panel).
In this case, both the Microphone and LINE Inputs need to be in SW Input mode.

The Microphone Input is already part of the pre-defined audio configuration, therefore only a Line In line needs to be manually added to the audio configuration, as per the following image.

Note. If the Line or the Microphone Inputs are not required to be recorded, it is advised not to route the Microphone through the software, as an additional latency will be applied.

Timecodes (DVS)

Even though the Terminal Mix 4 is not designed to support Timecoded CDs and Vinyls (DVS), the unit is capable to offer Timecode setups. In theory only a single Timecode device can be used (connection to the LINE Input), however a second Timecoded device can be also connected to the MIC Input (and adjust the Level of its signal).
The following audio configuration is showing an audio configuration with a single Timecode input.

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